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How to Dress a Super King Bed Like a Pro

Posted by mattfallon 19/04/2022 0 Comment(s) Bedding Guides,

How to Dress a Super King Bed Like a Pro



Have you ever wondered how to dress a super king bed like they do in five-star hotels? If so, keep reading as we share several expert tips for transforming your lacklustre sleeping area into an oh-so-cosy cocoon.


You'll fall asleep without a fuss when you pay attention to the finer details and invest in high-quality bed linen, like a super king size duvet and a super king mattress topper. Choosing elegant fabrics and colours will also give your space a more inviting feel.




In this in-depth guide, we'll run through whether a super king bed is suitable for you before revealing 6 simple steps for professional dressing. We’ll also give you some insider tips for changing your super king bedding by yourself.


What is a super king bed?


If you're searching for unparalleled comfort and plenty of wiggle room, then you can't go wrong with a super king bed. Generously proportioned at 180cm wide and 200cm long (6ft wide and 6ft 6in long), super king beds are one of the largest designs on the market. They are usually reserved for hotels and world-class resorts. However, many homeowners choose them because they add a touch of luxury to bedrooms.


Why choose a super king bed?


There's a wealth of benefits to super king beds. Not only do they look divine, but they're perfect for couples who like to stretch out and lounge in style.

What's more, the bigger the bed, the better you sleep. Super king beds are an antidote to tossing and turning because you have enough room to get comfortable. Unlike smaller options, the colossal mattress allows you to move in order to relieve pressure points and cool down on hot summer nights.

But before buying a super king bed, make sure your bedroom can accommodate its size. First, determine the space around your bed by calculating the room's dimensions using length x width = area. Then, leave yourself a minimum of 60cm (roughly 2ft) between the bed and the walls for maximum practicality.


How to dress a super king bed in 6 simple steps


1.Start with a topper


A super king size mattress topper is an extension of your mattress, providing extra cushioning and support for a dreamy night's sleep. Softness aside, it also improves durability and gives old mattresses a new lease of life so that you can save money on unnecessary replacements.

Our premium mattress toppers come in three fillings – hollow fibre comforel made from recycled plastics, duck feathers and goose down. Synthetic hollow fibre is perfect for people with allergies, whereas feathers and down boast superior heat-regulating properties.


2.Protect your mattress


A super king mattress protector is an essential purchase that adds an extra layer of comfort and guards your mattress against night-time nasties. Hotels use them to cater to changing clientele, but they're also handy if you have frequent house guests.

There are two types to choose from – quilted mattress protectors and specialist waterproof mattress protectors made with TENCEL fabric. Whatever your preference, both are machine washable and can be dried in the tumble dryer for unbeatable convenience.


3.Add a fitted sheet


Now you've made your bed safe from wear and tear, it's time to move on to the fun stuff. Pick a pretty super king fitted sheet that’s soft, smooth and adds a wow factor.

Our snug sheets are slip-resistant and super silky, finished with delicate French corners and elastic hems that ooze character. Depending on the season and your personal preference, you can opt for 200, 400 or 1000 thread count fabrics.

Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. However, you might want to choose a lower thread count for warm seasons because the material is less tightly compacted for enhanced breathability.


4.Choose the right duvet


There are a few things to think about when investing in a duvet. Like sheets, you should select a thread count to complement the season. Plus, find high-quality stuffing that soothes rather than irritates your skin.


Once you've found a duvet, you can browse super king size duvet sets. We offer an eclectic collection of designs to please every personality, including charming floral sets peppered with pastel pink blooms and unassuming neutral sets made from eco-friendly bamboo.


5.Accessorise with pillows         


When entering a hotel room, the first thing you want to do is jump on the bed and rest your weary head on the plush super king pillows. Our pillows are approximately 107cm long (3ft 6in), meaning they won't look out of place against the bed's size. Best of all, they come in a range of fillings so that you can tailor the firmness. 


Need more help choosing the right pillow for your sleeping position? Then read our helpful pillow guide for more information.


Of course, you'll also need some statement pillowcases. We have plenty of neutral and patterned styles to browse, including extra-long cases in duck egg blue, blush pink and ivory.


6.Complete the look with a beautiful bedspread


You've nearly dressed your bed like they do in the most extravagant hotels – the pièce de résistance is a stunning super king bedspread that screams grown-up glamour.

We have a gorgeous selection of bespoke bedspreads that'll make you want to hit snooze. As well as offering quilted and fitted styles in custom fabrics, we also make matching curtains and cushions for a seamless finish.



Tips for changing your super king bed linen


One of the challenges of having a super king bed is changing the sheets and duvet covers, especially when working alone. Instead of battling with material and getting tangled up, follow these simple hacks that make swapping bed linen a breeze.


How to put on a super king duvet cover

  1. Place the duvet cover flat on the bed with the opening at the foot of the bed.
  2. Place the duvet over the cover, aligning the corners.
  3. Roll the duvet towards the foot of the bed, leaving space to hold the corners of the duvet.
  4. Open the cover and wiggle the rolled-up duvet inside, aligning the corners.
  5. Hold the corners and shake until everything falls into place.
  6. Lay the duvet over the bed, smoothing wrinkles and fastening zips or buttons.


How to put on a super king fitted sheet

  1. Sounds obvious, but make sure you have the right sheet size.
  2. Start with one corner and securely tuck the sheet underneath the mattress.
  3. Find the corner diagonally across from the first corner and tuck the sheet underneath the mattress. This way, the sheet won't slip while you work.
  4. Repeat the above steps for the next two corners.
  5. Smooth out any wrinkles and make sure the sheet is tight.



Find more high-quality ben linen


Now you know how to dress a super king bed, it's time to test your hard work. Setting time aside to make your bed will lead to a better night's sleep while making your room look utterly fabulous. In fact, many mental health professionals say that making your bed in the morning is the best way to kick-start a happy and productive day.


If you're searching for more high-quality bed linen, then we have you covered (excuse the pun). We offer plenty of luxurious fabrics for super king fitted sheets, super king size duvet sets, super king pillows and more. 


If you have any questions or want to know more about our range, get in touch today. You can call the team on 01706 220020 or email

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