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Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof Mattress Covers.

Sleep soundly with a breathable, cooling mattress protector.

TENCEL anti allergy mattress cover.

A unique fabric that allows air to pass through but not liquids.

A new mattress is a big investment and something to be treasured.  A quality protector will keep it clean and fresh for years to come. Protecting your mattress against wear and tear and you against harmful allergens.

Our TENCEL Waterproof protectors are perfect for prolonging the life of your mattress.  The breathable fabric keeps you comfy at night while protecting from dirt and bed bugs. 


UK Manufactured Quality.

We have over 20 years experience in making mattress covers for all kinds of bed.  Our range covers nearly every size and depth of mattress, all cut and made for each individual order.  

Each waterproof cover is hemmed with elastic all the way round to keep it in place, (particularly useful for adjustable beds).

Machine washable bed protection.

TENCEL is a naturally derived product made from wood pulp and other cellulose fibres.  It doesn't crease and can be washed at a high temperature. It is combined with the second layer of dermofresh fabric that protects against allergens, dust mites and fluids.

TENCEL Waterproof fabric

  • easy to wash
  • protects against dust mites
  • hypo allergenic
  • cotton like feel
  • waterproof
  • breathable, ensuring a cool, comfortable temperature at night. 

Samples available.  Please call 01706 220020 for information or email us your details.

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