Caesar Duvet

Caesar Duvet

Caesar Size Duvet

Duvet to fit Caesar Size beds

Caesar beds measure around 8ft in width and can vary in length but a bed of this size would not be complete without a duvet that fits.  As this luxury bed is such a large size finding a duvet can be a challenge.  8ft beds are usually bespoke made, so a duvet for this size isn't something you would find in your local homewares store or super market.

As a bespoke manufacturer we make duvets to fit 8ft beds perfectly.  They are available in high greade Hollow Fibre, 85% Duck Feather & Down or in 90% Hungarian Goose Down.  All available in 10.5 & 13.5 togs.

The size available online is 320 x 235cm (125 x 92") approx which would fit an 8ft wide bed and leave about 30cm over hang at each side of the bed.

Larger and bespoke duvet sizes are available, if you are looking for a particular size please call 01706 220020 or drop us a line for a quote or more information.

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Caesar Duvet - Duck Feather & Down

Duvet to fit large Caesar Beds320 x 235cm (126 x 92") duvet for extra large bedsNaturally filled duv..

£224.99 Ex Tax: £187.49

Caesar Duvet - Hollow Fibre

Caesar DuvetDuvet for Caesar beds in down like hollow fibreHigh Quality Dacron Comforel Polyester du..

£224.99 Ex Tax: £187.49

Caesar Duvet - Goose Down

Goose Down Caesar DuvetSupremely cosy and light duvet with 85% Goose Down to 15% Feather. Naturally ..

£594.99 Ex Tax: £495.83