Emperor vs Super King Bed: Which is Best?

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Emperor Bed vs Super King Bed:


Which Should I Choose?


Catching some z's shouldn't be a chore. Instead, transform your bedroom into a hotel-inspired haven with a heavenly super king or emperor bed. Both boast enough space for you to catnap, recharge and cuddle up with the kids.

Investing in a bigger bed is the key to better wellbeing. Not only do they look gorgeous when paired with high-quality bed linen, but they protect achy backs from stray springs and sagging spots. There's nothing better than having enough wiggle room to find the perfect sleep position.

Curious? Keep reading for the emperor bed vs super king showdown! We'll answer your most pressing questions, including how big is an emperor bed, before sharing the pros and cons of each. We'll also recommend several sumptuous soft furnishings to make dozing a dream. What more could you want?


How big is an emperor bed?


Are you searching for a show-stopping bed to support your slumber? If so, you can't go wrong with an emperor bed. There are two sizes to choose from – a standard emperor is 200cm by 200cm (6ft 6ins by 6ft 6ins), and a large emperor is 215cm by 215cm (7ft by 7ft).

Emperor beds are the largest beds available in the UK. However, across the pond, you'll find something that trumps their magnificent size. Love a little trivia? The Alaskan king tops the leader boards, measuring a whopping 274cm by 274cm (9ft by 9ft).

You might be wondering whether an emperor bed is right for you. To help you decide, let's explore the pros and cons in a bit more detail.


The pros of an emperor bed


Undeniably luxurious 


Fancy hotels and stately homes choose emperor beds because they command attention. The imposing size creates an attractive focal point, especially when paired with silky emperor bedding.

To enhance your space, purchase emperor bed sheets with high thread counts (between 400 and 1000 is ideal) and elegant finishes. There's no need to worry about changing the supersized linen, either. Our innovative designs feature double-stitched corners and elastic hems to make laundry day a doddle.

No bed would be complete without a soft, skin-caressing emperor duvet. There are various fillings to choose from, including fluffy down, hypoallergenic silk and environmentally-friendly Dacron Comforel. Finding the right fit is vital, so check out our duvet sizing guide for more information.

The pièce de résistance is a stunning, customised bedspread that screams grown-up glamour. We make throws to order, meaning you can pick a statement fabric that matches your personality. Or, opt for a velvet quilt in fashionable shades like spice, dove and walnut.


Extra space equals a better night’s sleep


If you struggle to settle at the end of a long day, you're sure to adore a spacious emperor bed. There's enough room to manoeuvre and relieve painful pressure points. Best of all, you won't overheat because you have the freedom to spread out.

Emperor beds are one of the best choices for couples and small families who like to starfish. You can snuggle up together with your morning coffee and toast – just be mindful of the crumbs!

Why not supercharge your sleep quality with ergonomic pillows and supportive mattress toppers? Our lovingly crafted soft furnishings will support your neck and back while you nod off.


Lasts a lifetime


Although emperor beds are more expensive than standard models, you can't put a price on quality sleep. Plus, the extra cost covers a wealth of trailblazing design features that'll keep your bed looking brand-new for many years to come.

Ultimately, emperor beds are an investment. When you pay attention to the details, you won't have to spend time and money replacing your frame further down the line.


The cons of an emperor bed


Difficult to manoeuvre


The most obvious drawback to an emperor bed is its enormous size. If you don't have enough space to accommodate its dimensions, your bedroom will look cluttered and cramped. As a rule, you should allow for at least 24in (2ft) between your bed and the walls. This will give you enough room to walk around.

Have you ever tried to get a standard bed up the stairs? It's challenging at the best of times, let alone with an extra-long frame. Before ordering an emperor bed, measure your staircase so that you can devise a plan of action – prepare for plenty of pivots and pirouettes!


Tackling the sheets


Getting tangled up in the sheets is almost guaranteed when changing an emperor bed solo. That's where family members can help – simply share the job with your partner or kids.

You could also visit our dressing guide for a few simple hacks. Although the advice is geared towards super king beds, it works equally well for emperor beds.


What size is a super king size bed?


Super king beds are a popular choice for people who love spreading out but want extra room for furniture. They are the same length as standard emperor beds, with a slightly smaller width, measuring 183cm by 200cm (6ft by 6ft 6in).


The pros of a super king bed


Easy to find high-quality bed linen


Super king beds are more popular than emperor beds because they're a better fit for average-sized bedrooms. As such, you can find a treasure chest of premium super king bedding on the market. 

There's something to complement every snoozing style, from 100% cotton super king bed sheets to super king-size duvets. Whatever you choose, our superior fabrics contain long-staple fibres that grow softer with every wash, making broken sleep a thing of the past.


Alleviates back problems


There's nothing worse than waking up with stiffness that just won't budge. Luckily, super king beds can alleviate the symptoms. Unlike small single beds, you can spread out and evenly distribute body weight. When you feel your legs cramping, there's copious room to uncurl your ankles and toes.

For maximum comfort, add a super king mattress protector. As well as prolonging the life of your mattress and protecting against bacteria, quilted varieties also provide supportive padding.


Additional storage

Super king bed frames often offer storage underneath for your much-loved knick-knacks. Elevated beds feature roomy drawers for bed linen, suitcases and clothes. Some Ottoman-style beds even have hinged slatted mattress bases that lift up, revealing a generously-sized compartment beneath.


The cons of a super king bed


Not suitable for guest rooms

As guest rooms are typically smaller than master bedrooms, super king beds aren't the best choice. Alongside being too big for smaller spare rooms, mattresses are tricky to move when it's time to upgrade.

We suggest sticking to something simple, like a single bed or small double bed, then accessorising with luxury cushions for additional wow factor.


Less space for surrounding furniture


Nowadays, bedrooms are multi-functional spaces that serve as dining rooms, lounges and studies. With this in mind, it's vital to have enough room for essential furniture items to support your daily activities. 

Ideally, your bedroom should have a nightstand for water, lamps and electronics, a wardrobe to hang clothes and a designated storage unit. If you live in shared accommodation with no communal areas, prioritise a desk space for working or studying.


What other options are there?


Now we've run through the pros and cons of super king and emperor beds, you might be wondering if there's anything smaller but equally comfortable out there? The answer is yes. You know what they say – good things come in small packages.

If you don't have room for a mammoth mattress, try a single bed, small double bed or standard double bed instead. Single beds are 90cm by 190cm (3ft by 6ft 3in), making them a brilliant option for children's rooms and spare rooms. With a streamlined frame, you'll have more space for non-negotiable furniture and relaxation.

You could also try a small double bed, measuring 120cm by 190cm (4ft by 6ft 3ins). Big enough for couples, small doubles prove you don't have to compromise floor space for quality. Lastly, standard double beds sit around 135cm by 190cm (4ft 6ins by 6ft 3ins), offering a touch more width than smaller models.


Emperor size bed vs super king: The choice is yours


Whether you choose an emperor bed or a super king bed, the extra space promises a peaceful night's sleep that'll leave you rejuvenated to tackle tomorrow's to-dos.


At Victoria Linen, we strive to deliver the most beautiful bed linen for your brand-new frame. Our emperor bed sheets and super king bed sheets are especially popular, made from exquisite materials like high thread count polycotton and 100% cotton.

We also pride ourselves on offering a bespoke bed linen service. No matter the material or size, our expert makers can turn your dream bedding into a reality. If you're feeling fancy, why not invest in some magnificent matching curtains and oversized cushions?

If you'd like more information about our products, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Please contact us today by calling 01706 220020 or emailing info@victorialinen.co.uk. One of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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