Why buy an adjustable bed?

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Why buy an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds can be a great addition to your home. From helping to achieve a better sleep posture to the therapeutic benefits of heat massage, plus the need for more mobility such as helping to sit up or get out of bed.

You can find adjustable beds in many situations from hospitals to everyday homes. There are many uses for adjustable beds and different people may need them for different uses.

What types of adjustable bed can you buy?

‘Lifestyle’ Electric Beds

‘Lifestyle’ beds usually offer the ability to sit up with ease when reading or watching TV in bed. These beds are mainly used to add a touch of extra comfort and luxury and not for health reasons.

Profiling Beds

Profiling beds are adjusted either manually or electrically while the user is on the bed. They are usually controlled by a remote which allows the user to adjust it themselves. These beds are usually purchased within the care sector as they are much more adept at coping with particular medical conditions. Typical profiling beds can lift the user from a sleeping to a sitting position.


Single mechanism beds

If you sleep alone you may want either a single or a double bed that moves as one. Typical sizes start at 2ft 6in (76cm) and go up to 4ft (122cm).

Double Bed with a Single Adjustable bed

This bed is split with an adjustable bed at one side and a standard bed linked to it.  Ideal if you have a partner who requires an adjustable bed but you do not.

Dual mechanism beds

This is in essence two adjustable beds linked together.  As they are both powered by separate motors they can move independently. Meaning two people can find they’re best sleeping position without having to compromise. 

Heat Massage

If you need help relaxing then an adjustable bed with the ability to massage may be what you need. Massages have been proven over many years to reduce both emotional and physical stress.

Easy Reach/ ‘Wall Hugging’

If you want to sit up in bed but still be able to reach your bedside table, consider a wall hugging bed. This is a bed that slides back to help you sit up. It is definitely an option you should go for.


Wireless Remote

A wireless remote isn’t a necessity. However it is very useful as a wired connection can get tangled in the bed workings. It can also be stored anywhere for ease of use.




Battery Back-up System

Adjustable beds run of mains electricity which is great until there’s a power cut! Battery back-up systems can take away any worry about loss of power and allow you to still use your bed during a power outage.

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Bryan Whittle:
18/01/2024, 07:22:39 PM

I have a electric adjustable bed (both top and bottom) Size of mattress 196cm x 92cm x 20cm. What size 'fitted sheet' do I need? Such when the bed (the mattress) is raised the bottom of the fitted sheet does NOT come up the sides of the mattress.

02/02/2024, 03:45:55 PM

Hi Bryan, We make everything to order so can make to your exact measurments, closest size to this would be the 3'x6'6 fitted sheets, we also elasticate our sheets all around the hem as well as adding for a large tuck under to avoid them popping off the bed. Feel free to call the office and talk to us if you need any more help Here is the link for the prices https://www.victorialinen.co.uk/3ft-long-single-adjustable-bedding#/product-fitted-sheet-f2-v2/sort=p.sort_order/order=ASC/limit=15 01706 220020

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