Round Bed

Round Bed

Round Mattress Protector - Anti Allergy - TENCEL

Stops moisture but allows air flow for a comfortable nights sleep.

Waterproof, anti allergenic & breathable. They fabric allows air flow to aid a comfortable nights sleep while giving you 100% protection.

Made in TENCEL fabric: a naturally sourced, soft material that has great moisture management and skin friendliness properties. It has a knitted stretch jersey structure that is soft and cotton like.  This is laminated with a waterproof membrane that is breathable and discreet.

TENCEL properties:

  • Hypo Allergenic.  The TENCEL fibres contain 100% biobased natural fibres.  These are derived from wood and are exceptionally pure and are produced in an eco-friendly environment.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin

  • Due to TENCEL's excellent moisture absorption mould and mite development is prevented. A dry sleeping area prohibits water condensation, which makes the formation of mould impossible.

  • Can be washed up to 95ºC and tumble dried low-medium heat.

Samples are available, to receive these please call 01706 220020 or email us with your details.

Part of our waterproof mattress protector range

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Round Bed Waterproof Protector

Round Bed TENCEL Mattress ProtectorLuxury protector in naturally sourced TENCEL fabric.  100% w..

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