Why Am I Such a Light Sleeper?

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Why Am I Such a Light Sleeper?


Does the slightest sound wake you from your slumber? You’re not alone. In our recent customer survey, 56.5% of people said that they consider themselves light sleepers. A further 13.6% of people described themselves as very light sleepers.

Light sleeping can lead to disturbed sleep. So, what causes someone to experience this, and what can you do if you’re a light sleeper?


What’s behind light sleeping?


Unfortunately, researchers haven’t identified why some people are heavy sleepers and why others wake up at the drop of a pin. However, there are possible reasons such as lifestyle choices, undiagnosed sleep disorders and brain wave activity that may contribute to it.

Many people ask, is being a light sleeper bad for you? Of course, light sleeping itself isn’t bad for you. But the quality of sleep you get can affect health and wellbeing long term. Getting a good night’s sleep can be frustrating if you’re a light sleeper. However, there are some things you can do to help improve your sleep experience.


What to do if you’re a light sleeper


Digital detox before bed

Scrolling social media or watching TV before bed can affect how easily you drift off. Research suggests devices interfere with the hormones that make us feel sleepy. So, switching off at least 30 minutes before you hit the pillow can help relax your body and mind.


Good quality bed linen

The comfort factor of your mattress and bed linen has a significant impact on how well you sleep. To improve this, opt for high-quality bedding. Not sure what to buy? The way to spot higher quality is the thread count. 400 thread count bedding sets offer a good quality option, and the higher the thread count, the better quality. For example, 1000 thread count bedding is commonly made from sateen, Egyptian cotton and bamboo.


Hang blackout curtains

Too much light in your bedroom at night can also disturb sleep. If your curtains are letting in streetlight through the fabric, opt for blackout curtains instead. This material will block out light to help you to sleep better. You can also purchase bespoke curtains and made to measure designs to suit your interiors.

Interrupted sleep is frustrating for anyone. So if you’re a light sleeper and want to sleep more deeply, check out more great sleep tips here

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