Top 10 Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep....

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Taking too long to get to the land of nod? Read through our handy guide and we'll help you sail away to a great nights sleep.




Why is sleep so important?


Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important.  Not only can a bad nights sleep leave you feeling woozy and tired but it can also impact your health and well-being. Effecting your productivity, balance, and energy.


No sleep can be damaging

Those who continuously fall short in getting quality sleep often find themselves feeling tired, forgetful, depressed and unproductive.


To help in your quest for rest-filled sleep, here are our top tips to have you drifting off in no time...



Tip 1 - The Sleep Schedule –



Your body has a natural sleep cycle and getting in tune with yours will help you sleep better. This simply means going to sleep and waking at the same time each day, and yes, that means even on holidays!



Tip 2 – Say No to Napping –


Don't have too many naps in the day!Naps, short or long can keep you awake at night. If you must absolutely must nap limit your nap to 10 to 20 minutes in the early afternoon.









Tip 3 – Choose Wisely What and When You Eat at Night –



Say no to night time snacksDon’t eat a huge meal before bedtime, instead try and have your dinner a bit earlier to alleviate tummy troubles like indigestion and heartburn, both of which may keep you awake at night. Of course, you don’t want to go to be hungry either, so if you must try something light before bed, like a yogurt or light cereal.










Tip 4 – Limit Caffeine and Alcohol at Night –



Avoid caffeine (tea, colas, coffee, and chocolate) which can keep you up late into the night. You’ll also want to avoid alcohol near bedtime, it doesn’t help with sleep, though it might make you feel sleepy it can lead to a listless and light sleep filled night.Don't drink too much alchohol







Tip 5 – Exercise Regularly and Right –



Studies show those who exercise regularly, sleep better at night. Even walking for 10-15 minutes daily can improve sleep – both quality and quantity. Keep in mind that you don’t want to exercise vigorously within three hours of bedtime, which will have the opposite effect.

Regular exercise can help you sleep








Tip 6 – Create Your Own Bedtime Routine –



Only you know what relaxes you, but by creating a routine that allows you to relax, you find a better night’s sleep on the horizon. Try reading a book, taking a soothing bath or shower, listening to tranquil music or aromatherapy.



Tip 7 – Control the Light –


Have the right amount of light at night

Turn down the lights or use lamp light several hours before bedtime. It can give a calming atmosphere. In addition, recent research indicates that screen time (television, computer, mobile phones, and tablets can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. When it’s time for bed, make sure your bedroom is dark.



Tip 8 – Keep your Cool –



Too hot and your be sticky and uncomfortable. Too cold and your'll wake up shivering! Aim to Keep your bedroom cool and ventilated at night, this can aid you in your quest for a good night’s sleep.



Tip 9 – Choose Cozy, Comfy Bedding (our favourite tip!) –


Good quality bedding can help you sleep

Mattress, pillows, and bedlinens can make all the difference to your rest-filled night. Choose mattress and pillows which are comfortable to you – the level of support you need. For your bedlinens, natural fibers like cotton and silk are the best choice, allowing the body to regulate temperature and for heat to dissipate during the night.







Tip 10 - Reduce Your Stress –


Learn to de-stress before bed time

Get organized, take breaks when needed, and if your ‘to do’ list rambles through your head at bedtime, keep a notepad by your bed. Write them down and set it aside until morning. Those our our tips to stop you staring at the ceiling/wall cracks/alarm clock at night. 









So there you have it.  Hopefully using these tips will result in you getting some deep, restoring sleep and get you ready for the day ahead. Feel free to share this with anyone you think may need it, (your half asleep work colleague perhaps). 


Whats your tip for a good nights sleep?


Have we missed anything?  If you have a routine or a tip you use that helps you to drift off at night then please share it below and we'll add it to a future blog post! :)



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