What Colours Goes Best With Grey Bedding?

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What Colours Go Best with Grey Bedding?Shades of grey bedding


Grey bedding may seem like an unconventional choice for some home decorators, but with the right approach it can be a fantastic linen colour to combine with any number of contrasting shades. 

Neutral by nature, grey can be paired with a wide range of colours and décor styles, from dark and glamorous to bright and breezy.

As always, it’s important to do your homework when embarking on an interior design project. Developing a good understanding of what colours look good with grey is one of the best ways to avoid washing out your space and ensure your bedroom is a slumber-worthy sanctuary.

Are you looking for décor inspiration for your bedroom? Read on as we explore what colours go best with grey sheets in the bedroom, including pink and grey bedding and yellow and grey bedding combinations.


Grey and colour psychology

Colour psychology is one of the most important things to consider when decorating your bedroom, and there’s plenty to love about grey bed sheets. Traditionally, grey represents balance and neutrality. This association with equilibrium stems from its position between black and white.

In the right context, grey can step up as an incredibly peaceful and soothing colour. This makes it a great choice for bedrooms, as it’s important to start and end your day in a space that’s relaxing. When paired with darker tones and accents, grey can feel more dramatic. This can also work if you’re aiming for a space that feels romantic or even a little theatrical.


Warm vs cool greys

Not all shades of grey are created equal and it’s important to understand the difference between warm and cool colours when choosing your palette. Cool greys have more of a blue undertone, while warm greys contain subtle hints of brown and yellow. Taking the time to learn more about different shades of grey and how to match them is one of the best ways to nail your interior design goals.

New-York based interior designer Young Huh says that “not all greys are alike” and stresses the importance of carefully choosing your tones. “There are warm greys and there are cool greys, and in general it’s best to keep all colours in one of those two tonal lanes,” says Huh. “Don’t bog down a crisp grey with creamy whites. If you’re painting a wall a cool blue grey, it’s best if you paint the trim a cool grey white. Warmer whites will make the room look dingy.”

Now we know a little more about the colour psychology of grey and the importance of differentiating between warm and cool tones, let’s dive into how to use greys in your bedroom.


What colours look good with grey bedding?


Whites and light greys

If you’re aiming for a light and airy space, pairing grey sheets with harmonising colours like bright white will help you achieve that sense of luxury. Opting for a monochrome palette and playing around with different shades of grey will help add texture and interest to your space, eliminating the risk of it looking dreary or washed out.  Best of all, light colours are reflective, maximising space and opening up compact, windowless bedrooms. Worried about white feeling too clinical?  You can achieve the same effect with earthy neutrals like ivory, tan and beige, or add some much-needed warmth with a cream and grey duvet cover.

Pro tip: to create the illusion of space and add a bit of drama, consider anchoring your room with a dark grey centrepiece and draw the eye upwards. Slate grey sheets and a matching grey duvet set fit the bill perfectly if your bed is centrally positioned. Alternatively, achieve the “anchor” effect by adding a dark grey rug.  


Dramatic charcoals


For a dramatic aesthetic that takes your space from bedroom to boudoir, there’s no looking past grey on grey. Wondering what colour goes best with dark grey? If your bed sheets are dark grey, consider painting a light grey feature wall to make them stand out. Similarly, if your sheets are a lighter shade of grey you can opt for a smoky charcoal feature wall to create a little monochrome drama.   Black, white and grey bedding may also appeal to your inner Cruella de Vil. The striking contrast oozes cool sophistication. Pair monochromatic bed linen with modern wall art, zebra-print throws and plenty of indoor plants for a dash of understated glamour. On the other hand, white, black and grey bedding also pops against vibrant colours, such as yellow, red and orange. Whatever you choose finish the look with dazzling silver accents like a statement mirror, chrome nightstands and satin throw pillows. These types of accessories will add a little sparkle to your bedroom.

Pro tip: while it can seem counterintuitive, using dark greys and charcoals can be a great choice if your bedroom lacks natural light. Rather than try to mimic the feel of natural light with bright whites and colours, opting for darker tones can create a sense of depth and make the room feel larger. Who knew a black and grey duvet cover could have so much potential?


Pack a punch with rich pinks and purplesAlissia Grey & Blush Bedding Set

If you’re wondering what colour goes best with light grey, step away from pale shades and look towards pink and grey bedding or purple and grey bedding. Think delicious shades of plum, blackberry and aubergine. These types of colours will really pop against light grey sheets and of course, creating an eye-catching finish. 

There are countless ways you could introduce this dynamic colour palette, some brilliantly in-your-face and others a touch more subtle. A pink and grey duvet cover or purple and grey duvet cover offers a splash of colour without feeling overwhelming. Combine this with textured grey wallpaper for an ultra-luxurious aesthetic. Otherwise, go all out by matching light grey sheets with jewel-toned paint and other accents – magenta and amethyst are some of our favourites!

Pro tip: If you don’t like the idea of a pink and purple colour palette, the concept of pairing grey with richly saturated hues can also be applied to the blue and green colour spectrum. Look for jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, peacock and dark teal.









Inspire calm with blue & grey bedding

While grey bedding pairs well with darker colours for a dramatic look, you can just as easily create a bright and breezy aesthetic by matching it with light blue andTeal and Grey Bedding turquoise tones.


Blue is one of the best colours for inspiring a sense of calm and deep relaxation – exactly what you want when you're trying to doze off!

Teal and grey bedding is a firm favourite for coastal properties and artist's dens because of it's carefree and uplifting character. The cool undertones are reminiscent of blustery seaside walks, where blue skies give way to lapping waves and ocean foam.

Perhaps, you'd prefer a moodier hue? How about navy and grey bedding instead? Darker colour schemes are making a comeback, thanks to their timeless appeal and unbeatable versatility.

Pro tip: If you’re pairing a cool grey with other cool colours like light blue and turquoise, it’s important to add plenty of texture to your room. This helps to create a cosy feel and will prevent your room from feeling too neutral. Think faux fur throws, textured wool rugs, fabric lampshades and luxe bed linen.














Inject some zing with yellow and grey bedding.

Yellow and Grey Bedding Set

While some colours can make grey feel dull and washed out, others will complement your grey bedding and make it shine. Dark yellows such as mustard, ochre and butterscotch fall into the latter category and are great picks.  Throwing in a couple of ochre cushions and a bed throw can really make it pop!.

Pro tip: Grey doesn’t have to be dark and moody. If you love the idea of grey bedding but want to create a space that feels warm and earthy, start by incorporating natural textures and accents into your room. For example, add a statement mirror with a honey-coloured wooden frame or invest in a beautiful walnut bedframe and matching furniture. Polished wood floorboards will also brighten the mood of your room and complement your luxury grey bedding.


We know what you're thinking – yellow is a tricky colour to get right. However, fortune favours the brave, and this sunny shade immediately uplifts the drabbest spaces. Plus, you don't have to go for unmellow yellows. Instead, choose softer variations that are easier on the eye.

Pale lemon and grey bedding is an excellent choice for a more retro look, especially when paired with distressed wood and shabby-chic furniture. Prefer contemporary vibes? You can't go wrong with a mustard and a grey duvet cover. Earthy undertones remove the bite from cool greys, promoting better sleep and relaxation




Introduce a playful feel with ice cream pastels

Over the past few years, we’ve seen grey become an increasingly popular choice for nurseries. As a gender neutral colour, it’s a great choice for parents who want the freedom and flexibility to redecorate every now and then. Want to check what colours go well with grey? If you’re using grey to decorate a nursery or kids room, it’s usually best to opt for lighter shades. Pair your grey theme with pastel accents such as blush pink or duck egg blue to lighten the mood and create a fun and playful aesthetic. On top of this, little ones love candy-coloured linen, like blush pink and grey bedding sets.

However, pastels aren't just for children's bedrooms – they look equally gorgeous in grown-up settings. Lilac and grey bedding is muted and highly sophisticated, whereas lavender and grey bedding boasts calming blue undertones that help to soothe frazzled nerves.

Pro tip: Struggling to decide between blush pink and grey duvet sets, mint green walls or peach accents? Well, there's no need to stress. Pastels work best when colour-blocked, meaning you can incorporate all your favourite shades. Then tie everything together with light grey soft furnishings, like pillows, blankets and rugs.


Draw out your wild side with passionate reds.


Stepping away from convention is the secret to brilliance, so why not experiment with clashing colours that don't traditionally go together? Red and grey bedding is an unusual pairing that's refreshingly modern. Elevate the shadowy shades with Tokyo-inspired neon lights, asymmetrical shapes and concrete-effect walls.

If you want the drama without the red, try orange and grey bedding – it's a slightly more sympathetic alternative. Tangerine, saffron and coral tend to be cheerier than their broodier cousin!

Pro tip: Reds and oranges aren't for wilting wallflowers – the best way to approach them is wholeheartedly. Dress them up with metallic accents, pop art and wall signs to celebrate 1950s vintage design. Or celebrate elegance with plush velvet fabrics and twinkling pendant lights.


How do you style a grey duvet?


Now you know what colours complement grey bedding, let's talk about styling. We suggest peppering your space with high-quality throws, pillows and bedspreads for a sumptuous night's sleep. 

Your bed is the centrepiece of your space. As such, you should take extra care when choosing linen. High thread count fitted sheets are essential because they have superior heat-regulating properties – ideal for sweaty summers and frosty winters. For the same reason, you may want to invest in a duvet made from non-allergenic materials, such as eco-hollow fibre or down.

As you can see one of the best things about grey bedding is its versatility. Like black and white, it can pretty much be paired with any colour, as long as you approach your interior decorating with a good strategy. Whether you choose green and grey bedding or pink and grey bedding, you won't be disappointed!


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