What is a Valance Sheet & Do I Need One for My Bed?

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What is a Valance Sheet & Do I Need One for My Bed?White-valance-sheet


We have made and sold valance sheets for over 20 years.  It's a great option if you’re looking for an elegant way to hide the base of your bed.

But what is a valance sheet, and do all beds require one?

Read on to find out more about this decorative bed linen option.


What is a valance sheet used for?


The base of your bed can be, well, a bit bland. Most bed frames come in classic colours such as ivory, white and grey. Or there’s the option of a metal frame. In contrast, everyone’s home and décor styling are different. So, how do you get your bed base to match your colour palette? A valance sheet!

A main advantage of the sheet with an attached valance is how easy it is to change on wash day.  A standard base valance goes over the bed base and sits under the mattress, making it a bit of a struggle to change when its laundry time.  To get to the valance you have to remove the mattress which is quite a struggle.  They’re not the lightest of things in fact they’re down right cumbersome and heavy.  In some cases changing a base valance can be a two person job. 

A valance sheet bypasses the lifting and grunting on wash day.  It goes over the mattress with an attached frill that covers the divan base.  Because the sheet and valance are together you don’t have to move the mattress when its time to wash it.  The whole valance sheet comes off in one to go straight in the wash!

These bed sheets with valance are available in various designs and sizes, making them an ideal way to streamline your interior styling.

This sheet not only hides the colour of the base, it also disguises any storage you have underneath the bed. Visible drawers can affect the flow of the interior theme. Plus, if you have boxes or suitcases packed under a metal frame, it can get a bit messy. A valance sheet hides all this and gives you scope to refresh the look of your bedroom.


Will a sheet with valance suit my décor?


Valance bed sheets previously had a stereotype of being a bit old-fashioned. But that’s not the case anymore.

There are numerous interior trends that allow you a chance to play with colour and print, making them easy to work into your décor.

Colour drenching is a popular option for getting creative with colour. This term refers to painting all surfaces and incorporating bedroom soft furnishings into the mix. So, a valance sheet, in this instance, is ideal for drenching your bed in layers of beautiful tones.


For those that love print, biophilia-inspired and cottagecore prints integrate floral designs and ditsy patterns for a statement look. A valance sheet on your bed could incorporate these styles with ease.


The variety of colours available also means you can create an on-trend look with your valance sheet. However, classic and muted tones also contrast beautifully against bolder shades for a striking aesthetic.

All-in-all, a valance sheet is perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes.


A (sort of) definitive list of all types of valance sheet


We’ve developed several styles of valance over the years and these are the most common terms we hear, including:


Base valance

This is the most commonly known type of valance sheet. It sits just under the mattress, on top of the bed base, and drapes to the floor. To fit a base valance, you’ll have to lift the mattress, which can be challenging, but the end result is worth it.


Fitted valance sheet

Simply put, a fitted valance sheet goes over the mattress and acts like a fitted sheet, except with an attached frill to cover the base. It’s also known as a fitted valance sheet.

This type of valance is a super simple way to incorporate a fitted sheet, as everything can be changed and washed at the same time.


Easy fit valance

Does a typical valance sheet sound like hard work to fit? Then an easy-fit valancet is a great alternative. Our selection of easy-fit designs includes a Velcro strip that attaches to the bed base, meaning there’s no lifting involved and no large amounts of fabric..


Split corner valance

Finding a suitable valance sheet can be challenging, especially if you have a metal bedframe or one with a unique design. However, if you opt for a spilt corner valance, they sit perfectly around the edges due to a split in the fabric. Each split will make way for your bedsteads frame so the valance sits neatly.


Valances for Adjustable Beds

If you have an electric bed, it can be tricky to find valances that fit perfectly and cater to the movements of the base.

Valance sheets usually fit neatly around a non-moving base. However, there is a selection of adjustable bed valance that give you the freedom to fit a sheet that allows space for movement, so the sheet doesn’t rip or stretch and moves with the bed.


Types of valance sheet drape


Alongside colour and print, valance sheets are available in a variety of drapes, including:Types-of-frill-for-valance-sheet


Frilled valance sheet


The frilled drape is a common and popular option. The fabric has a floaty and gathered style drape and is often referred to as a bed skirt.

Single or box pleated valance sheet


This type of valance has a smooth appearance and drapes flush with the base. In addition, it features a pleat within the design, which is spaced out, usually at the middle and edges.


Do I need a valance sheet on my bed?


Valance sheets are often considered decorative items for your bed. Still, they can also be functional, such as for hiding drawers or clutter under the mattress. So, the choice of having a valance sheet is entirely down to your personal needs or interior styling.

From covering up old bed bases to creating a luxury aesthetic in your bedroom, a valance sheet is a multi-functional bed linen piece that is suitable for everyone.



Choosing the best valance sheet for your bed with Victoria Linen


Valance sheets are the perfect way to add a bespoke touch to your bedroom interiors. Plus, if you have any clutter hiding underneath, you can cover them easily with this handy sheet.

Finding the perfect valance sheet for your bed is simple with our selection at Victoria Linen. We have a wide range of colours and sizes to suit all bed designs. Our collection is made using high-quality materials, such as 100% cotton and Egyptian cotton, so you achieve a beautiful drape. If your looking for a more substantial look for your valance we even offer heavy fabric valances.  We use heavier upholstery fabric in several colours that can really tie your bed to the decor. A heavy fabric valance can give your room a real boutique hotel look adding a block of colour in a substantial fabric.  Find out more here.

Need a bespoke valance sheet for your bed frame? Our made-to-measure service caters to your mattress depth and frill drop for the perfect fit.

If you’re unsure what type of valance sheet will suit your bed base, we can help. Contact us with any questions you have on 01706 220020 or pop us an email

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