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A guide to bed valances.

Base valance in white cotton



The simple bed valance can hide a million sins!  Designed to either dress your divan base or to cover the black hole space under your bed that is loosely referred to as 'storage'.

It can help turn any bedroom into a stylish, clean lined and modern space.  Combining a pattern or block colour with a simple pleat will hide any scuffs on the divan or any unsightly suitcases, hidden away between holidays.


A little bit of history...


Historically speaking, valances were used to hide unattractive box springs and poorly shaped bed posts, not unlike the bed skirts of today which often hide items stored beneath the bed as well as the occasional, annoying “dust bunny.” It was quickly discovered that bed skirts also served to stop chilly winter drafts which tended to cool the bed from the floor up. In addition, those who had valances on their beds found bed bugs and dust mites were less of an issue in their homes. This, of course, makes perfect sense because the skirt can deflect dust, which is somehow drawn underneath beds. And so, the valance came into its own!

What type of valance do you need?

The valance has come under many monikers over the years.  Its name varies from country to country and even region to region in some cases.

Other names for various valances:


Bed Valances:

Valance Sheets:

Easy fit Valance:


How do you fit the valance?

base valance

Whatever name it may come under the bed valance usually fits in one of the following ways.


Bed valance

To fit you will need to remove the mattress and place the valance base sheet over the divan base.  The frill will then fall down around the outer edge and cover the edges.

Its always useful to asses your bed and mattress before committing to a base valance as moving the mattress every time for laundering can become a chore.





valance sheet




Valance sheet

No need to remove the mattress in this case as the name suggests the valance comes with a fitted sheet attached.  To fit the linen simply slides over he mattress at each corner with the attached frill dropping over base of the bed.

While fitting is slightly easier with this valance, laundering the valance means you launder the sheet at the same time.  Depending on the size of bed just make sure your washing machine (and you) are comfortable with that amount of linen.







Easy fit valanceeasy fit valances fit with velcro to stay in place

Probably the easiest valance to fit.  The valance comes with one side of velcro stitched into the fabric.  One side of the velcro arrives separately and is sticky backed.  Stick this around the base of the bed and once in place simply attach the valance all around your divan base.

This valance requires no lifting of large amounts of laundry.  When it's time for cleaning simply tear off from the velcro attached to your bed and put it in the wash, then re attach when done.  Its an easy to use product that is also very popular with a lot of adjustable beds as the valance doesn't intefere with the workings of the bed.









Valances in plain colours and choice of frill


Valances made in the UK to fit any size of bed

Victoria Linen offer all these valances and because we make them here we can make to any bed size.  As well as standard UK sizes we make for emperor and small double beds plus any number of adjustable bed sizes.  All are available in a wide variety of bright colours to suit any bedroom.  We make all our linen using high quality 200 and 400 threads to the inch fabric so you can be confident that they will wash well and last for years!

Our valances can be made to cover any mattress and frill drop.  So even if you have an extra deep mattress or divan we can make a valance to fit.

Shop online for valances ranging from Skinny Single to Caesar beds, or if your bed is unique bed then call on 01706 220020 and we can get you a quoted price. Styles available include frilled, box-pleat, or single pleat.







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