Emperor Bedding - 6 Essentials You Can't Do Without

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Emperor beds are a wonderful thing, but once you have it where do you find your bedding?


You may find emperor bedding items can be a hard products to track down due to it a popular size, luckily this handy list should leave you kitted out for a fantastic nights sleep! Click to Tweet! emperor bedding set in downham 


If your out shopping for bedding you will have probably noticed that standard UK beds are classed as Single, Double, King & Super King. These range from 3' up to 6' in width and are the norm in nearly every bed store in the UK. Times are changing however and in recent years the larger 6'6" and 7' Emperor bed and mattress have grown in popularity. This list is for those contemplating buying an emperor bed or people who already own one. Lets start with what we think are the essentials and work our way down.







Emperor Mattress Protector

First of all, this is definitely the most important purchase after your bed. There could be nothing worse than enjoying your new emperor bed only to spoil it with an accidental spill of coffee! Once a mattress is stained or emperor mattress protector emperor mattress protector damaged by liquids in can be difficult if not impossible job to try and get it clean again. Emperor Mattress Protectors are the best way of stopping this happening. A layer between your bed sheet and the mattress that can stop any spillages or accidents getting on to the mattress. Most protectors come in the same types of fabrics that can roughly be dropped into 2 categories:

Types of protector

  • Quilted: Usually a polyester material with diamond quilting. The quilted material is good as a general purpose protector for your bed, shielding from slight spillages or splashes.  These protectors are not usually anti allergenic as dust mites can form in the polyester wadding.
  • Waterproof: Usually a non permeable material backed with cotton or fleecing for comfort.  These protectors are great at stopping anything getting through to the mattress, unfortunately that includes air which means your bed can get quite warm.  TENCEL emperor mattress protectors are relatively new to the market, the amazing thing about this material is that it protects your mattress from water and bed mites whilst also being breathable. Find out more about TENCEL fabric in our other blog post here.


Emperor Fitted Sheets

Emperor fitted sheet Emperor fitted Sheet Now your have protected your bed the next thing is a soft, comfortable sheet to go across it. We recommend an Emperor Fitted Sheet for this simply because its easy to use. We make them with an elastic border all round the sheet so they are easy to fit into place. Sheets, as with most of your emperor bedding will come in different thread counts:

Bedding Fabric Types

  • 200 Thread Count Poly Cotton Percale: Poly cotton is probably the most popular fabric on the market.  The mix of polyester and cotton makes for a sheet that is extremely durable but is also an 'easy-care' fabric meaning there is little to no ironing needed after being laundered.  All our poly cotton is 50/50 mix as we find this is the best feel and quality while still maintaining the easy-care properties.
  • 100% Cotton Percale:  This is as stated, our pure 100% cotton.  Cotton has long been the most popular fabric used in bedding. Its cooling and soft qualities have been well documented over the years. Our Emperor Fitted Sheets are made from 100% cotton in a range of thread counts.  Meaning our fabrics contain 200, 400 or 1000 threads to the inch.  Each of these cottons are beautifully soft and become softer with each higher thread count.  While you will have more ironing with cotton to remove creases, they are significantly more soft.  See here for more on our cotton's unique qualities.
  • What is Percale?  You may have seen it mentioned a couple of times above.  Percale is a term used when yarns of cotton are combed before weaving. This is a process used to remove knots and other impurities making your sheets softer and longer lasting.

You don't have to use Fitted Sheets if you find them a pain to iron.  Alternatives are emperor sized flat sheets (usually about 305cm wide). Alternately, use semi fitted sheets where only the bottom of the sheet has elastic.


Emperor Sized Duvets and Duvet Sets

Who doesn't love curling up in a swath of soft duvet, snuggling for a great nights sleep? Why should it be any different if you have an emperor bed? Finding the right size duvet for your emperor bed can be a problem. Luckily online we have a wide range of emperor duvets and emperor duvet sets made to fit perfectly. You need duvets and sets that measure approx. 232 x 292cm, this size is ideal for your emperor bed with the correct over hang to give your bedding a great look.

Emperor Duvets

Emperor Duvet Duvets in the correct 232 x 292cm size are perfect for your emperor bed. These come in 3 different fillings:

  • Dacron Comforel: Snuggle into a high quality hollow fibre filling that has a feather light quality whilst also being non allergenic.
  • Duck Feather and Down: Curl up in a naturally filled duvet with high 85/15 feather to down mix.
  • Goose Down: Dive into an amazingly light and cosy duvet made in 90% Goose Down and 10% Feather.


Emperor Duvet Sets

Call me a genius but a duvet set is especially relevant if you have a new duvet. Using a duvet without a cover means you need a lot more room in the washer, way to much trouble! A soft, durable duvet cover is always a good addition. Plus the cover can add a splash of colour and design that can brighten up the whole room. We have emperor duvet sets available in the fabrics described above. emperor duvet sets emperor duvet set 50/50 Poly cotton and 100% cotton in various high quality thread counts. One thing you should look out for is the quality of the clasps at the foot of your cover where the emperor duvet goes in. Some manufacturers cut corners here using cheap plastic clasps that soon become brittle and break in the wash, leaving half your duvet hanging on the floor! Our covers come with durable metal clasps that can withstand up to 10 years worth of wash and dry cycles, guaranteed! Get your cover in a range of bright colours and designs made to suit any bedroom.







Emperor Bed Valance

A bed valance is the perfect finish to your bed, also commonly known as a bed ruffle or a bed skirt. An emperor valance will run a frill around the whole base of your bed covering the divan or the bed legs. emperor bed valance emperor bed valance For an emperor sized valance the finish needs to be either 200 or 213cm approx. depending on the width of your bed. We would advise that you measure the width and length of your bed and check before ordering. Emperor bed valances come in 12 colours in our 50/50 poly cotton fabric, a good durable material that will give a great finish once in place. Choose from a selection of finishes to best suit your room. Valance styles are as shown in the image: frilled, box pleated or single pleated.





Emperor Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper might not be classed as an essential item for a new emperor bed. However, older mattresses can spread and loose some of there comfiness over time, thats where this topper proves useful. The topper is lay across the top of the mattress and may be attached using  elastic loops. These mattress toppers can refresh an old mattress and give an extra layer of comfort, especially for those who may find there mattress too hard. Like duvets, toppers are available in a number of fillings including comfort polyester and feather ranges.


Emperor Bedding Sets

Why not consider a bespoke made emperor bedding set?  A very easy and hassle free way to buy bedding for your bed. A set will contain almost everything you need in one handy purchase. Furthermore a set can come complete with emperor bedspreads, cushions and pillow shams to take your emperor bed linen (and your bedroom) to a whole new level! Customers can order samples of fabrics and speak to our customer service centre on 01706 220020 for more information.





Phew, and there we have it. I think we have covered everything you will need for your new emperor bed. If you spot anything I have missed or we didn't cover be sure to let us know in the comments below.  



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