Bedding for Care Homes

Specialist Bedding for Care Homes

Victoria Linen manufacture a range of bedding used in the residential care & hospital industries

We have 200, 400 and 1000 thread count fabrics in poly cotton, cotton and soft flannelette.  We also have TENCEL and quilted, waterproof materials, all of which can be made to fit standard, non standard and electrically operated beds.

Take a browse through some of our specialist products below. If we have missed anything in particular that you are looking for or require more information or a quote

please call 01706 220020 or email us, we are happy to help.

Fitted Sheets for any size, including Orthopedic and Adjustable Beds.

We manufacture fitted sheets that stay on the bed when it is raised.  These sheets can also be made with an attached pillow case. 

Our sheets stay on the bed even when raised to a full vertical position, ties are used to hold the sheet in place ensuring non of the bedding falls off the bed when the patient leaves the bed. 

Separate smaller sheets can be made for any head and foot parts of the bed, along with covers for the head and footboards. 

The sheets can be made to almost any size and depth of bed. 

Please contact us for samples & more information

Colour Coded Bedding for better organisation.

Care homes sometimes have bed linen that is specific to certain beds, rooms or areas. 

Trying to keep track of which linen belongs to which area can be a confusing situation and cost time and effort to sort through and allocate the bedding.

Victoria Linen can manufacture your bedding in any of our 11 colours of 50/50 Poly Cotton if you wish to colour allocate your bedding.

For those who prefer only white bedding we can colour stitch the hems of the linen in a set number of colours that can be for designated areas or beds.

Samples are available on request.  To discuss your need further please drop us a line.

Mattress & Duvet Protection

We hold 2 types of protector fabric on the roll.  These fabrics can be made into mattress, duvet and pillow protectors prolonging the life of your bedding.

TENCEL Breathable Waterproof Protector

TENCEL is constructed from naturally sourced wood pulp fibres, it is non allergenic and restricts the growth of bacteria.  The fabric is non noisy and breathable to the point that it is hardly noticeable on the bed.  It is breathable, 100% waterproof and anti allergenic and feels very similar to a cotton sheet.

Quilted Waterproof Protector

A quilted mattress protector backed with 100% waterproof & breathable layer. The polyester padding gives and extra layer of comfort while still protecting your bedding, while air can still flow through to keep the bed cool. Contact us for samples & more information

All mattress protectors are fully machine washable and tumble dryable 

Victoria Linen also stock pillows and duvets in standard and non standard sizes, available in non allergenic or natural fillings.  Prices for these are available on request.

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