4ft Small Double

4ft Small Double

Valances for Small Double Beds

Discover the perfect valances and valance sheets for your 4ft Small Double Beds. Tailored Fit for All 4ft Bed Sizes

Our valances are made to fit any standard or deeper divan of a 4ft bed, ensuring a snug and tailored fit.

Base Valances

Effortless Elegance Simply place the valance over the bed base and under the mattress. Also known as platform or base valances, these additions bring effortless elegance to your bedroom.

Sheet with Valance (Valance Sheet)

Changing Bedding Made Easy Experience the convenience of changing your bedding without the need to move the mattress. Our bed sheet with an attached valance easily fits over the mattress, and the frill gracefully drops, covering your bed base.

Available in a Variety of Fabrics to Suit Your Style

Choose from a fantastic range of fabrics to match your preferences:

50/50 Easy Care Poly Cotton, 200 Thread Count: Available in 11 colours.

100% Cotton, 400 Thread Count: Choose from White or Ivory.

Heavier 100% Cotton for a Fuller Look: In up to 11 colours.

300 Thread Count Eco-Friendly Bamboo. In crisp white

Manufactured for the Perfect Fit

All our bed valances are expertly crafted in-house. This means you can get a valance tailored to the right mattress depth and frill drop, ensuring it's the perfect fit for your bed.

Choose from a variety of fabrics, including easy-care blends and luxurious 100% cotton, available in a wide array of colours.

Part of the Small Double Bedding Range

Our valances are a part of our Small Double Bedding range, designed to meet your unique bedding needs.

Can't Find Your Size or Have Questions? We're Here to Help!

If you're having trouble finding your size or have any questions, feel free to call us at 01706 220020 or drop us an email. We're here to assist you and ensure you find the perfect bedding solutions for your Small Double Bed.

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Small Double Bed Valance in 1000 Thread Count Cotton - White

Small Double Bed Valance in Luxury 100% CottonValance to fit 4ft bed in 1000 threads to the inch fab..

£80.00 Ex Tax: £66.67

Small Double Bed Valance in Easy Care - 10 Colours - 4ft x 6ft 6"

Small Double Bed Valance to fit 4ft x 6ft 6in bedsValance in 11 colours to fit 122 x 200cm, 3/4 beds..

£45.99 Ex Tax: £38.32

Small Double Valance in Heavy Panama Fabric - 4ft

Small Double Bed Valance in Panama Fabric for 4ft BedsValance in a luxury fabric for a fuller look.&..

£63.99 Ex Tax: £53.32

Small Double Valance in Heavy Panama Fabric - 4ft x 6ft 6" - 7 Colours

Long Small Double Divan Valance in Panama Fabric. Size: 4' x 6'6"Valance in a luxury fabric for..

£63.99 Ex Tax: £53.32

Small Double Valance in Heavy Panama Fabric - Extra Long - 4ft x 7ft - 7 Colours

Extra Long Small Double Valance in Panama Fabric.Valance in a luxury fabric for a fuller look. ..

£88.99 Ex Tax: £74.16

4ft x 7ft Bed Valance in Easy Care 200 Thread Count

Extra Long Small Double Bed Valance to fit 4ft x 7ft bedIn 200 thread count 50/50 easy care fab..

£59.99 Ex Tax: £49.99

Small Double 4ft Valance Sheet in Easy Care - 10 Colours - 4ft

Valance Sheet for Small Double bedsMade to fit 4ft bedsA fitted sheet with an added valance frill to..

£53.99 Ex Tax: £44.99

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