Sustainable Bedding

Better Bedding for the Planet

The textiles industry has a bad track record when it comes to environmental concerns.  Decades of intense cotton farming, high amounts of waste and the over production of clothing are just some examples of the high ecological impact textile production has on the planet.  If you add in the carbon footprint of importing products made 1000's miles away overseas, it is obvious to see the massive impact textile production has on our planet.

As a UK manufacturer in recent years we have become much more aware of this impact and how we might be able to reduce it.  This has certainly brought its challenges due mostly to the fact that the UK is no longer the hub of textile manufacture that it once was.  Victoria Linen is based in Lancashire where we are surrounded by the old cotton mills and factories that used to produce nearly all the worlds cotton. Sadly that industry is no more, we at present have to import our fabrics from overseas as this is where the worlds production of raw fabrics has moved too.

How do we make our bedding greener?

It has become one of our missions at Victoria Linen to make bed linen that has less of an impact on the environment.  To achieve this we have set in place several strategies that will reduce our waste and help us make bedding that is much kinder to the planet. 

Making bedding in the UK

If we can't locally source our raw fabric we can source UK based sewing machinists to make your bedding.  Making your bedding in the UK significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your bedding.  Instead of your sheets and covers being made 1000's of miles away we make your bedding in our Lancashire factory and deliver it to you direct. Our materials are always the best quality, and where possible are sourced locally to minimise our carbon footprint. For example, all our duvets and mattress toppers are made in Scotland.

Making bed linen to order

To reduce waste further we only make your bed linen once you have ordered it.  This way we avoid mass producing goods that may not sell and end up as waste.  The other positive of making bedding this way is that we can ensure your bedding is made to measure and will to fit your bed perfectly.  So deep fitted sheets, extra wide duvet covers and anything else can be made to your exact requirements and you don't have to compromise on quality while being that little bit greener.

New Bamboo fabric

The technology for textile production has grown year on year with lessening its environmental impact a definite priority.  More effort and money has been directed in developing and producing textiles that are less harmful to grow and have less impact on the soil.  To this end bamboo fabric has become a great success. It uses far less water to grow, is much more resilient to changes in the weather and requires hardly any pesticides or fertilisers.

We offer a full range of bedding in bamboo across all bed sizes and products.  Not only does bamboo fabric have much less of an impact but its qualities closely resemble cotton making it perfect for bedding. It is highly effective at moisture and temperature control and is surprisingly soft.

Packaging & waste

When you purchase from us, our products come packaged in recyclable paper with minimal labelling. So you can put them straight into roadside recycling. If you order more than one item, we do our best to package everything together to reduce paper usage. Plus, cardboard boxes or paper sacks are utilised for larger items.

Another aspect of our business we take seriously is textile waste. Its unfortunate but we still have some in bedding manufacturing, these off cuts are sorted for repurposing. These off-cuts are donated to local schools, groups and colleges who transform them into functional items.

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