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What size pillow is best for your bed?


As a luxury bed linen supplier we are always asked our advice on what size pillow is best for your bed.  We thought it would be a great idea to put together a blog post of the different sizes available and what size might suit your bed best.... and here it is!

Please don't take this as the definitive guide.  Some people prefer just enough pillows to cover the bed while others love lots of pillows, we just thought is would be handy to have a few ideas listed here for you, incase you weren't sure.  We've included larger pillows such as king size and super king size pillows which have been growing in popularity over the last few years as larger bed sizes have joined the market.

Take a look below, we've tried to cover all the popular sizes but if we've missed anything be sure to add a comment in the section below.

Firstly we will look at the pillow sizes.



This size pillow has been the most popular size in the UK for decades.  Measuring approximately 74cm wide by 49cm (although sizes can differ slightly).  This size is a popular choice for single beds and double beds (4'6" or 135cm wide) where you can double up the pillows to cover the width of the bed.  These pillows can be easy to source and pillow cases are readily available in most UK stores.



A king size pillow is approximately 90-92cms wide (around 3ft, 36 inches) and 49cm length.  Its a good 30cm extra in widh than a standard pillow and therefore covers a much bigger area across the bed.  King size pillows are becoming more popular but still are not as easy to find on the high street.  King size pillow cases are available but mostly online.



Super king size pillows are approximately 107cms wide (around 3ft 6 inches or 42 inches) and 49cm length.  These pillows are great for large single beds (3ft 6 inch wide), small double beds (4ft wide) and other bigger sizes such as Emperor.  The wide width gives great coverage to help a great nights sleep.  Super king size pillows are hard to find but they are available in the UK.




Standard pillow on single bed


Traditionally the standard 49 x 74cm size pillow has been the perfect match for a standard 3ft (92cm) bed, giving just enough pillow for you to rest your head at night.






However a 90cm or 3ft pillow has become increasingly popular for single beds.  It's size covers the full width of the bed so even if you roll over at night you won't run out of pillow!

King size pillow on a single bed







While standard 74 x 49cm pillows can fine for most standard UK beds such as Double and King size.  They can be a little small for the larger Super King bed.



How to do pillows on a king size bed?


how to arrange pillows on a king size bedThe best pillows to fit a king size bed (6ft or 183cms wide) is to use 2 x king size pillows.  Each pillow is 3ft (approx 90cm) wide and so two of these side by side will cover the entire width of your bed. 











king pillows on an emperor bedThe king size pillow is also a great size for the larger Emperor (6ft 6" or 200cm) bed.









Because of the extra width we recommend a super king size pillow for any bed over 7ft wide.  These 3ft 6in pillows are the perfect width to cover larger beds and can even be used as body pillows to help during pregnancy.



A little summary of the above...





We hope you enjoyed our guide.  We know its far from exhaustive as new beds and new pillows come onto the market all the time.  If you feel we have missed anything important please add it in the comments below.



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