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Is IKEA Bedding Any Good?

Posted by mfallon 29/10/2021 0 Comment(s) Bedding Guides,

Is IKEA Bedding Actually Any Good?ikea-bedding



When it comes to price, it’s hard to beat bedding from IKEA. But is linen purchased from the Swedish home furnishings giant actually any good? Well, that all depends on your priorities. Below, we explore the pros and cons of IKEA bedding and help you decide if it’s worth it. 




Why would you need bedding for Ikea Beds?


Ikea beds are different because they manufacture there beds in standard European sizes, (makes sense as they are a Swedish company).  These sizes differ slightly and are listed below:


IKEA Bed Sizes


European Small Single : 80 x 200cm


European Long Single : 90 x 200cm


European Double : 140 x 200cm


European King : 160 x 200cm


European Super King : 180 x 200cm



As you can see these sizes differ quite a lot to the standard UK bed sizes.  UK beds are usually measured using feet and inches but we've added the size in centimeters for comparison: 


UK Bed Sizes


UK Single : 3ft x 6ft 3in or 90 x 191cm


Double : 4ft 6in x 6ft 3in or 137 x 191cm


King : 5ft x 6ft 6in or 153 x 200cm


Super King: 6ft x 6ft 6in or 184 x 200cm



Who Makes Ikea Bedding?



Bedding for Ikea / European bed sizes isn't widely available in the UK.  However, aside from Ikea themselves, there are some specialist bedding makers that will have your size.  We manufacture a full range of Ikea bedding in our UK based factory.  If you want fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvets and other types of bedding that will fit perfectly then they need to be made to fit the mattress correctly.  Luckily thats what we do.  Find all our Ikea bedding online here.

You can buy your bedding for European / Ikea size beds in Ikea and other European bedding stockists but if you don't live near an Ikea you might struggle to find the right size. 


The Pros of Buying Bedding from IKEA





Is IKEA bedding good? In terms of price, there’s no competition. Bedding from IKEA is as cheap as it comes, with single fitted sheets starting at less than a fiver. 


Off-the-shelf efficiency



If you’re looking for a quick fix, it’s hard to resist stocking up on bedding from IKEA. In under 30 minutes, you can park in the cavernous underground carpark, blitz through to the bedding section and pick up a set of sheets and a duvet cover right off the shelf.  


The cons of IKEA bedding


Quality and longevity



You usually get what you pay for when it comes to bed linen and unfortunately, IKEA just doesn’t offer the same quality and longevity as its more expensive counterparts. If you opt for the cheapest sheets, you’ll likely face pilling and loose threads after just a few washes. Paying a little more and investing in high thread count sheets will ultimately save you money in the long term, not to mention another trip to IKEA in the near future.  




IKEA bed sheets are standardised and made for very specific sizes. If your mattress is an unconventional size or you prefer a tighter or looser fit, there’s no flexibility with bedding from IKEA. 


Lack of customisation 



While IKEA does have some crowd-pleasing colours and patterns in its bed linen range, it is fairly limited and there’s zero opportunity for customisation.   If you have a mattress topper on your bed or your mattress is a little deeper you would struggle to find a fitted sheet that fits.

There are no bedding sets vailable on the website or details to tell you the thread count per square inch of fabric.  There is also a lack of bedding in high grade cottons, which is a must for the more discerning among us who enjoy sheets that are super soft against your skin.   


In conclusion...



Obviously, IKEA does have its merits.  It doesn't become a world leader in home furnishings without catering to all its customers needs.  It also wins serious points when it comes to comfortable sofas, affordable glassware and tasty meatballs, but with bed linen its one area where the iconic brand falls short.  If your looking for a high quality thread count and bedding that will fit perfectly regardless of bed size or mattress depth maybe looking online for a specialist retailer is the best call.  They may take a little longer but at least this way you will be getting the bedding and fabric that you want.


Want to take your bedroom beyond IKEA? At Victoria Linen, we offer a range of luxury bed linen, with a choice of both off-the-shelf and made to measure solutions to suit your needs. 


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