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Protecting Your Mattress

Posted by mfallon 30/06/2021 0 Comment(s)

Waterproof Mattress Protectors & More Ways to Keep Your Bed CleanWaterproof-mattress-protector-double


Lets take a look at mattress covers and other ways of keeping your bed clean and fresh for years to come.

If you think about it, your bed is the place you spend nearly half your life in and because of that its something you'll want to last years. The perfect haven to retreat to and snuggle up in after a long day.

On top of that we know that new beds and mattresses don't come cheap. People invest thousands in a quality mattress or grand new bed, so looking after should definitely be something of a priority.


Why protect your mattress?

Your mattress is used nearly every day, thats some significant wear and tear. Aside from kids jumping on it and people rolling in and out of it your mattress has to put up with some significant threats.

Damp & Moisture

Mattresses that become damp can encourage the growth of mould and mildew which if left can cause respiratory problems. Always try to keep your bed room well aerated or if your house is unacceptable to damp use a dehumidifier. A good waterproof mattress protector is vital in keeping moisture at bay.

Bed Bugs & Dust Mites. Whats the difference?

OK, try not to itch while reading this.....

Firstly bed mites are not dust mites, they are completely different but both can occupy your mattress.

The common dust mite (AKA the household dust mite) are actually microscopic arachnids closely related to spiders. They live in your carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses.

It is estimated that an average two million or more dust mites make your mattress their home. Whilst there they enjoy a diet of shed skin and other micro waste and live in a humid environment (around 70% or more), making your mattress a perfect home base.

They measure only 0.03 mm typically.

What problems can dust mites cause?

The allergens produced by dust mites are found in their waste and decaying body parts. They are released into the air commonly when the area is disturbed, for example when you vacuum, dust, sit, or even roll over in bed.

When you inhale the dust mite allergens 99 times our a 100 you will not notice and your body will deal with any nasties while you continue your day. However in some cases allergic reactions can initiated. This can happen where there is a high build of dust mites (in unclean/undusted areas for example). Reactions can vary but include nasal congestion, cough or eczema.

These allergens can also be responsible for asthma attack for those that suffer with asthma. Children and senior adults are commonly the most vulnerable, but anyone can be affected by dust mites.

Bed bugs are a different prospect. Compared to dust mites they are larger parasites. They are typically nocturnal, reddish brown in colour and visible to the naked eye.

Why are bed bugs dangerous?

Without being dramatic these insects feed on your blood (sorry, there's just no other way to put it).

Though an infestation of these pesky creatures can happen anywhere, (they are often found in apartments and hotels) one of their favourite hiding places are bed mattresses. If your unlucky to be bitten by one you will know in a short amount of time. They leave small red, itchy, and painful bites, which are nasty but normally do not cause allergic reactions. They do multiply quickly and are hard to alleviate.

If you see an infestation a great tip is to wash your bedding at high temperatures to kill the bugs and any eggs.

Bed bugs perish under extremely high temperatures so to kill them on your mattress use either steam sprays or specific chemical treatments. Bed bugs can be hard to completely eradicate and you may need professional help to completely clean the mattress.


How to keep I bed bugs and dust mites off my mattress?

When it comes to your mattress the best form of defence is prevention. You will save yourself a whole lot of hassle getting rid of these pests if they make your bed their home and a fitted sheet just doesn't cut it.

Using a good quality mattress protector that you launder frequently will stop any mites or bugs getting a foot hold on your mattress.

Whats the best mattress protector?


Quilted Mattress Protectors

If spillages, excess moisture and bed bugs are not a problem then a good general purpose protector would probably be the best product to buy. Quilted protectors are usually cotton or polyester fabric filled with polyester wadding to give a quilted layer to go on the top of your bed. They're a simple and great way to keep your mattress clear of dirt, pet hair and small spillages. They are also a great choice if you are allergic to natural fibres.

The downside to polyester filled protectors is that man made polyester isn't the best at dispersing away heat and moisture, meaning they do trap heat in the bed. Definitely something you should consider, especially if you tend to get hot at night.

Terry Toweling Mattress Protectors

Terry Toweling is a material with either poly / cotton or 100% cotton fibres backed with PEVA non permeable polypropylene. This plastic layer makes the protector 100% waterproof while the cotton top makes the protector much more comfortable, adding softness and some temperature regulation. This protector also offers great protection against bed bugs and allergens on the mattress although frequent washing is recommended to stop any growth on the protector itself.

Terry toweling has been an extremely popular protector over the years and is an excellent barrier against fluids reaching the mattress. However because of the lack of air movement it still can cause discomfort by trapping hot air. The cotton layer is quite effective at removing moisture but is less effective over long periods.

TENCEL Waterproof Mattress Protectors

TENCEL is a productive that has been developed quite recently. The material is made using naturally sourced plant materials. These are treated to create a fabric that feels like cotton but is waterproof and comes with anti allergy and temperature regulating properties. It makes for an amazing cooling mattress protector.

Because TENCEL is plant based it restricts the growth of allergens and bacteria. Coupled with a waterproof layer that allows air movement it makes for extremely comfortable waterproof mattress protector.


Are waterproof mattress protectors washable?

Most good quality protectors should be machine washable. From our experience the TENCEL mattress protectors are washable up to 90 degrees although we recommend washing at 40 degrees unless necessary to give the protector a longer life.


So, in conclusion we really recommend a protector to keep your mattress fresh. Plus keep a good flow of air to any bedroom to stop the build up of any moisture or damp. If you have any further comments or suggestions please leave them below!

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