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Top Uni Room Essentials (including bedding!)

Posted by mfallon 08/09/2021 0 Comment(s)

Uni essentials for the coming year


Welcome to our Uni Room Essentials guide.


Going to uni is one of the most exciting and life changing times in any persons life, in the coming years you will make friends for life and have experiences you will never forget. For some though it can also be a little intimidating, and a little scary being away from all the home comforts, (yes, even your parents!)






No one wants to have to 'air dry' on their first days at uni. Remember some uni halls or residences only come with the most basic facilities with items like towels not included. Also remember that your towel will have to dry after you've used it so taking a few towels is probably a good idea so your towels have time to dry after use.






(We make no excuses, its what we do, this is the reason for this post). It probably the one thing that is over looked every year but is one of the most important things in terms of comfort. Your bed will probably be where you spend most of your time (not like that...).


With some student accommodation especially small it can be where you end up sitting or relaxing when your not sleeping. As such you want it to be as comfy and as homely as possible. Most student halls will provide some basic bedding but if you have a favourite pillow, or type of duvet its best to take them along with you to help you settle in.


One thing that is missed by a lot of new students is the sizes of beds in some accommodation. Universities may invest in some odd size beds that fit well with there room sizes, are great for the various sizes of students staying with them but are hard to find bed linen for. We take calls year on year from parents desperate to get fitted sheets and duvet sets out to there sons and daughters because they have just found out that the bed is a small double or a large single.


Its always a good idea to call the university or accommodation provider first and find out what size the bed is and if its come with bed sheets and a duvet. Even if it does, as with towels, you will want to take extra bedding with you because (and we know some of you won't want to.. !) you will need to change the bedding and keep it fresh. One on and one in the wash as they say.




Basic toiletries



Keeping clean is essential, no one wants to smell funky. So, along with the towel don't forget.

Flannel / Sponge

Shower gel / Soap

Toothpaste (and toothbrush)






Not only part of your first term uni room essentials but really for all your years at uni. It gives you access to all the research you could ever need via the internet and will help with everything from essay writing to creating algorithms and everything in between. Look after it though, beware of hacking software and malware, plus maybe keep it in your halls when not in use, (writing essays in the student bar might feel inspirational but probably isn't the best idea).




Medical / Heath Supplies


And we don't just mean headache tablets. If you have any health conditions make sure you pack enough to get you through the first few weeks, or at least until you can get registered with the university or local GP .





Make sure you have the clothes for all weathers. While the early part of the new term may start warm pretty soon you will be feeling the chill as winter rolls in. A good, warm coat and some chunky sweatshirts are always a good idea.



Money Saving Student Cards


Get your NUS card and start saving. Being a student (unless your lucky) is all about living on a budget. Your local union should be able to help you out on finding the best deals around, from travel cards to food discounts and cheap nights out.






This might not seem obvious but food is expensive! Ready meals and eating out can really make a dint in your shopping budget so getting together some recipes of your favorite foods really is a good way of saving money. Not something you especially need to pack, but rather add a couple of favorites on your phone.





Yes your Dads a cringe and your Mum sometimes needs to just BACK OFF!   Ahem...But moving away is an unsettling experience and you will miss loved ones and friends who haven't come with you. A few photos are a great way to keep them close and remind you to keep in touch.



So, there you have it. If your equipped with all these uni room essentials your first term should be a whole lot easier.


Of course if you think we have missed anything please feel free to add them to the comments box below.

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