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A Guide to Small Double Beds

Posted by mfallon 08/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

Small Double Duvet Cover & Bed Linen GuideSmall Double Bedding - Made in the UK

Although its a very popular size there is not much information online about small double bedding.  However this gives us the perfect opportunity to publish a full 'info bomb' here in our blog expanding your knowledge in all area's of small double beds and bedding.

Have you ever wondered what size a small double bed is? Or maybe how a one can benefit you? Or even where you can pick up the bedding?! 


If you've asked yourself these types of questions then this is the place for you. You are indeed our kind of bedding geek! Read on and get the skinny on everything small double related....

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What is a Small Double bed?


A small double is essentially a bed that is 6 inches smaller than a UK double bed. It can go by a few other names, most popularly as a 4ft bed or a three quarter bed.



What Size is a Small Double Bed?


A small double bed is 4ft, 48 inches or approximately 122cms wide. Its name comes from the fact that it is 6 inches smaller than a standard UK double bed. 

Some small doubles are the same length as a double bed at 6ft 3" (or 191cms). However some are made extra long at 6ft 6" (200cms) or 7ft (215cms).


Why should I buy a Small Double bed?


If you are thinking of changing your bed for a small double, you should consider whether it fits your needs.

Small doubles are perfect for anyone who needs just that extra bit of room to sleep comfortably, for example, these types of beds are great for teenagers as they can accommodate for them as they grow into an adult. They are also great if you have a bedroom that is slightly smaller and where a standard double might just be too much of a squeeze to fit in.


I bought a small double bed, what do I do next?


Well, the next thisg you want to do is dress your small double bed perfectly so it looks amazing in your home.

As the size isn't as popular as some UK sizes like king size finding bedding to fit can be hard. However there are retailers like ourselves who can provide a full range to bed your bed look fab-u-lous!


What bedding do I need?


Firstly, lets start with the basics. Now that you have a new bed the first thing to buy is a protector that will keep the mattress clean and also stop the growth of harmful allergens and bed bugs.


Small Double Mattress Protectors.


One thing we always recommend is a good quality fabric for your mattress protector. Something like a TENCEL small double mattress protector is perfect. 

This fabric is naturally sourced, is waterproof and is breathable. TENCEL is also great at wicking away moisture and restricting the growth of any bacteria. A protector like this is ideal to give your mattress a long life,and keep you comfy at night!


Small Double Fitted Sheets


Small double fitted sheets are another basic that should be at the top of your bedding list. Many people make the mistake of buying double sized bedding then tucking the excess under the side of the bed. This might sound like a good idea but usually results in an untidy bed and sleeping on an uneven mattress. When its comes to this idea, its a big no from us!

We think getting a sheet that fits is super important when it comes to sleeping well at night. Ruffled up sheets lead to sleeping on creases and discomfort.


Why is thread count important?

Thread count is super important (and this goes for all the bedding you buy), always buy bedding with a high thread count. Its definitely something you should pay attention to when your browsing online or in the supermarket.

Thread count is how many vertical and horizontal threads there are on any given inch of your bed sheet. Higher thread counts mean more threads which makes the sheet softer and more durable. We wouldn't recommend anything below 200 threads per inch and with no more than 50% polyester in the threads make up. Sheets at a 50% polyester and 50% cotton with a 200 thread count should last for years.

A sheet made to a small double size is a much better plan, these are made to fit and will sit perfectly in place on the mattress.




Standard pillows will still look great on a small double bed and are available widely. Two pillows side by side will be fine although they may look a little tight. One alternative is to buy 4ft pillows and have these across the entire bed. This will look great although they're may be disputes if your sharing the bed with someone else!


I've got the small double bedding basics, what next?


Now you have your fitted sheet and mattress protector its what you want to go over yourself at night. In the hotter months you may want just a sheet or you may like nothing better than to snuggle down into a snug duvet. Either way we have you covered (lol)!


Top Sheets


A top sheet can be placed over on its own or combined with a duvet for a super snug nights sleep. You can find these as standard top sheets (basically a big square of fabric thats been hemmed). 

Some retailers offer a semi fitted sheet. These sheets come with elastic on each corner at the foot of the bed and open out at the head of the bed like a flat sheet. Its the perfect way to have a flat sheet that stays in place all night!


Small Double Duvet


A small double duvet is by far the most popular option when it comes to snuggling down at night. Again you could go for a double duvet on your small double bed but its size, (double duvets are 200cm wide on a 122cm bed) can mean the duvet drowns the bed and it all looks a bit unsightly!


Getting a duvet to fit (ideally 72 x 86" or 184 x 220cm) is a much better idea. It will fall just over the edges of the bed and make for a much neater appearance.


Small Double Duvet Covers


Once you have the duvet its time to find your perfect small double duvet cover. There are plenty available online including from ourselves. Most website will offer plain fabrics although there are some retailers who will source and cut down designer duvet sets to a small double size.  Most sets also come with matching pillow cases to give you a complete look.


We at Victoria Linen strive to provide great service, due to this we aim to provide you with the perfect product. We can provide bedding for a large range of bed sizes this includes small double beds.




We have both soft 50/50 Poly Cotton sets and luxurious 100% Cotton sets available on our website or over the phone.


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