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What Can Help Me Sleep Better?

Posted by Oliver 05/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

Our Guide to a Great Nights Sleep

Struggling for hours to get to sleep? Fed up of counting sheep? We have been a manufacturer of luxury bedding for over 20 years and throughout this time we have gained knowledge on how to get the best nights sleep. We hope that these may help you in your quest for a good nights sleep.

These are our tips on how to get the perfect nights sleep.

Our first tip is to choose comfy and cosy bedding that suits you. Make sure that you have the right mattress for you whether you like it firm or soft choose what supports you the most.


Our second tip is to make sure that you exercise regularly, there are many studies done that indicate a correlation between exercise and good sleep. These studies show that people who exercise regularly enjoy a much higher quality of sleep and spend more time in deep sleep, which is the most restorative sleep phase.



Our third sleep tip is to stay away from eating food and snacks right before bedtime because this can cause indigestion and heartburn which can prevent you from sleeping.


Our fourth tip is to work out your natural sleep schedule and stick to it, this can help your body get used to going to sleep and waking up at the same time this can aid you in feeling well rested after waking up.



Our fifth tip is to not consume any caffeine after 6pm so that it does not intervein when you are trying to get to sleep.


Our sixth tip is to try to prevent yourself from napping because it can disrupt your sleep schedule and leave you feeling restless. If you are going to nap make sure to stick to short amounts such as up to 20 minutes if necessary.



Our seventh tip is to make sure that you turn off all screens at least thirty minutes before going to sleep, this can prevent restlessness. Maybe try reading a book, magazine or novel.


Our eighth tip is to make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet this can help you get all the nutrients required for a good nights sleep.



Our ninth tip is to keep your bedroom cool and ventilated at night so that you don’t get too hot or cold, this can help prevent you from tossing and turning during the night.


Our final tip is to get organised, take breaks when you feel you need to, reduce your stress. If there is something running through your head as you try to sleep then write it down this will help you clear your head and relax.


We hope these tips helped you with any sleep problems you may have, make sure to check out our luxury bedding on our website. Also if you have any more tips that we did not mention then drop a comment down below and well be sure to check them out!


Below is a copy of the full infographic so that you can save it for later!


Our top ten sleep tips



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