Our Guide to the Perfect Quilted Bedspread

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Our Guide to the Perfect Quilted Bedspread.

A quilted throw can give any bed look beautiful with an extra air of extravagance thrown in.  Read our handy quide below to get a handle on the different aspects you need to consider when creating the perfect throw. 


Quilted bedspread may seem straight forward but there are some aspects that you may need to take into account. 

They have been an elegant staple of the classic bedroom look for decades.  As well as looking amazingly fabulous adding extra colour and pattern to your bedroom they can also provide an extra layer of warmth to get snug under over winter nights.  

Let begin with measuring your bed and getting the size right...

If it is a straight forward divan then measuring can be easy, just measure the length, width and finished drop around the foot and the sides of the bed (see our handy measuring diagram below) If your bed has a large foot board like a sleigh bed or a four poster bed you might want your bedspread to have no hang over at the foot or to fall round your bed posts (more on that later)  


More information about our bedspreads

We've expanded our range to include new edging and corner options so we can make the quilted bedspread perfect to you! We've detailed below all the new extras we can offer with our bedspread.  While the calssic throw is still catered for, (see our main bed image)  we have added new corners and edges so that four poster and iron beds can be accomodated for. So, lets take you through the steps of ordering a new bedspread.  



Step by step guide to ordering your bedspread


First, measure your bed

measuring your bedspread

Grab a tape measure and notepad to jot down the measurements you need.  If you want a full to the floor bedspread you will need to measure from the floor on one side of your bed to the floor on the other side of your bed, (see our measuring diagram).  You will also need to measure from the headboard / head of the bed down and to the floor at the foot of the bed.  Remember to consider the affect any of your bedding might have on your measurements, for instance a quilt would mean your throw would be slightly higher off the ground.  Also include any edging you may want in your measurements.  Some edging can add on up to 8cm round your bedspread, (see below for more on edges)      

Next, choose your fabric

We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from so if your preference is modern or traditional we should have a fabric to suit. Take a look at our main suppliers designs: clarke and clarke Fryetts If your not sure, call our friendly customer service staff on 01706 220020, we can guide you through our materials and send you samples of any before you make your choice.


Chose your quilting style

After choosing your fabric you can choose how your bedspread will be quilted.  At Victoria Linen we have a number of great quilting designs available including standard diamond quilting to more modern channel and double diamond designs.

Nearly there, choose your edges

Next lets choose your finish for the edges of your bedspread.  This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish...

Lastly, choose your corners

  Finally, its time to choose how your corners will finish.  If you just want your bedspread as a classic throw then there is no need to make a choice here.  But if your bed has a footboard or is similar to a sleigh bed or a four poster bed then this is something you may need to think about. Bedspread corners

  • Kick pleat corners add a small amount of lining fabric to give a pleated effect at the corners
  • A semi fitted corner is a completely stitched corner to give you bedspread a snug fit.
  • A split corner has no lining fabric and is ideal for a iron bed, the same with a split corner with post as this is a split that is made bigger to accomodate the larger legs.
  • Finally a split corner with footboard finishes the valance at the foot of the bed, this bedspread comes with a fold of fabric to tuck under the mattress and hold it in place.


And thats all the decisions made!  All you have to do now is wait a short while and we will have your stunning bedspread made up and on its way to you. You'll be snug in no time! Take a look at some of our bedspreads we have available online here.


If you need any further information or would like help when choosing your bedspread please leave a comment below or give us a call on 01706 220020.  We'll be happy to help.  


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12/07/2019, 05:54:37 AM

I have a large bed with bed posts at foot and am looking for a purple and green bedspread. Can you help? I am prepared to pay up to £1000 for the right one plus some coordinating cushions. Contemporary fabric or traditional to coordinate with deep purple velvet curtains in the bedroom of our Georgian home. thanks

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