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Why Buy a Deeper Mattress?

Posted by mattfallon 13/03/2018 3 Comment(s) Bedding Guides,

Whats the advantages of the modern mattress and why are they so deep these days? Deep mattress

Here, we hope to give you a few answers and also help you find the right deep fitted sheets to accommodate whatever mattress you are thinking of buying. So, what has happened to mattresses? The world of beds and mattresses has come a long way in the last 20 years. With advances in technology and in scientific research about sleep we now know how important it is to have a full and comfortable nights sleep. If you have been shopping for a mattress recently, you may have noticed a much wider range of sizes and depths than you have seen previously. Whether you are shopping for a new and more comfortable mattress or have already found your ideal bed and need deep fitted sheets, we’d like to offer some tips on mattress depths and comfort as well as all the ways you can complement your larger bed with lavish bed linens.


Mattress Depth

No longer is there a one size fits all standard mattress. Today’s mattresses come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and depths. Each offering their own unique level of comfort, support, and style. Mattress depths range form three inches to 14 inches or more and at each level are varying degrees of support and comfort. Depth makes an enormous difference on how your mattress feels when you lie down. However it can't be viewed as the only criteria you look for when choosing your mattress. A thicker mattress will not be comfortable if the fillings used are of poor quality.


The Fillings of a Deeper Mattress

All mattresses, regardless of their depth, come in varieties from budget to luxury, with the highest quality mattresses having the most unique features and fillings. Luxury mattresses offer higher levels of craftmanship in construction and premium quality fillings. Look for fillings such as mohair, silk or cashmere as these are well known in the industry to give extra layers of comfort. Hi tail hair or horse tail hair is rarer but also an extremely luxurious filling. These hairs are teased from horses at grooming and have unique qualities including retaining their shape over time and a unique springiness in character. These hairs make for excellent mattresses.


Memory foam is another modern addition to the bed. Some mattresses have a top layer of memory foam attached that can add about 5-10cm thickness to your mattress. Although it is quite an addition in depth, memory foam has become extremely popular as its cushioning effect makes for a very comfortable nights sleep. Of course any of these additions may sound great but the only true way to find out if you like them is to try them out, any bed store will be happy for you to pop along and try out their beds, it is definitely something we would recommend. Doing a little bit of leg work and research will ensure you get the right bed.


Outfitting Your Luxury Mattress

Now that you’ve chosen your luxury mattress, it is time to pick the perfect bedding to complement your selection. At Victoria Linen, you will find a great range of bed linens to outfit your mattress including soft, durable, luxurious 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen deep sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases. Victoria Linen make deep sheets from the roll with double stitched, French corners. Because of this we can make deep fitted sheets to fit almost any size of bed, fitted with an all-around elastic hem to fit perfectly. Giving you a delightful night’s sleep whatever mattress you choose. In addition, you will find a variety of colors and sizes for your sumptuous new mattress in 200 thread count percale (combed, soft, and durable) as well as 400 thread count (super smooth and well-finished). Visit Victoria Linen today – online or in store, where the friendly and expert staff is waiting to answer all your bedding questions and help you find the ideal bed linens for your luxury mattress.

If you need any help or further advice please call us on 01706 220020 or email us, we'll be happy to help.


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