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Four Poster Beds Curtains

Posted by mfallon 14/03/2019 0 Comment(s)

All About Four Poster Beds & Where to Find Curtains.


Keswick design four poster bed curtains and single pleat valance frill.

Ornate and luxurious

A four poster bed is probably as grand a bed as you can buy. Ornately carved wood and draped in the finest jacquard curtains. For centuries they have been a status symbol of opulence and luxury, populating many country manors and stately homes.

The bed was first conceived in Europe and developed from simpler bed frames at the time. Wealthy noble-men and landowners used them to exhibit their position in society, as time went on a sense of one-up-manship resulted in beds being constructed ever bigger and more flamboyant. More robust and expensive hardwoods were used then the beds were dressed in luxurious fabrics such as velvets and fine wools.

In the modern era the four poster bed is still popular as an idea of extravagance. Often sold as a feature in luxury hotels and boutique B & B's. UK bed makers still receive a steady order for four poster beds, with bed makers like revival beds counting 4 poster designs among its most popular.


Where can I buy Four Poster Bed Curtains?

If your looking for some luxury 4 poster curtains or drapes then look no further! Victoria Linen have made four poster bed curtains at Victoria Linen for over 15 years. Making combinations of 4 and 6 bed drapes as well as additions such as valance frills and back curtains.

We can help you dress your 4 poster bed perfectly. Call us on 01706 220020 and we can send you samples of fabrics selected from a wide range of jacquards and chenille, in a hugh range of colours.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01706220020 for more information.

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