Deep Divan Valance in 1000 Thread Count Cotton - Single, Double, King, Super King - White

Deep Bed Valance in Luxury Cotton.

Made in luxury 1000 thread count, 100% sateen cotton, this beautiful thick weave fabric makes a fabulous valance for your bed.

Made to fit:

Single 3ft x 6ft 3" 90 x 191cm

Double 4ft 6" x 6ft 6" 137 x 191cm

King 5ft x 6ft 6" 153 x 198cm

Super King 6ft x 6ft 6" 183 x 198cm

Emperor 6ft 6" x 6ft 6" (200 x 200cm)

(all sizes approx.)

Extra deep Valances made in house

Made in house to order to reduce textile waste.  

If your drop is not available or you need some help just contact us on 01706 220020 or email us for a quoted price.

Available in White or Ivory.  Samples available on request

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We deliver our bedding to the UK and beyond. 


For UK we offer a flat rate delivery of £4.99 for anywhere on the UK mainland.

For international rates please add your destination at the cart or checkout page for prices.  If you can't get a price please contact us for a quote. 

CUSTOM BEDDING (All sizes except UK Single, Double, King, Super King sizes).


All our non standard size bedding is made to order for you.  Unfortunately this means at busy times your order can take up to 21 days.  If you can't wait that long don't worry, we can Express Your Order and have it dispatched to you in 7 days. Just click the check box at the checkout page.

Unfortunately we can't offer express or shorter lead times on the following products:

Duvets / Pillows : While we keep some stock on our shelves if your item isn't ready it can take approximately 3 weeks to make.

Bedspreads : These are bespoke products and can take up to 8 weeks to dispatch.




UK Single, Double, King & Super King items (not including deep sheets or custom valances) will be made up and dispatched within 3 days, on the odd occasion this cannot be possible, we will contact you.

Mattress Depth.

For some products like fitted sheets and protectors you will see an option for mattress depth.  For these items its an easy way for us to figure out the best fit for your sheets.

We add 3- 4" to the mattress depth for any item that fits around your mattress.  This ensures the sheet is a snug fit and has enough extra fabric for tuck under.


For example:

If you order a fitted sheet and the mattress is 7" our Fitted Sheet will finish with an approx. 12" box to cover the mattress and tuck under, with an elastic hem to keep it in place.


Need amy more help?  No problem, just drop us an email or call us on 01706 220020.



Deep Divan Valance in 1000 Thread Count Cotton - Single, Double, King, Super King - White

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More about Bed Valances

The Bed Valance: Your Bedroom's Stylish Sidekick

Let's dive into the world of bed valances – those unsung heroes of bedroom decor that add a touch of charm and functionality to your sleeping sanctuary.

A Blast from the Past: So, where did bed valances come from? Picture this: Renaissance-era Europe. No fancy flooring, drafts lurking around, and the need to keep creepy crawlies away from your precious bed. Enter the bed valance, initially designed for practical reasons. Fast forward to today, and these humble dust ruffles have transformed into stylish statements for your bed.

Styles Galore: Bed valances have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Now, you've got choices! Traditional valances may flaunt pleats for a classic frill, while modern ones keep it sleek with clean lines and single pleats. The key is to find the style that vibes with your bedroom's personality.

Materials Matter: What makes bed valances so comfy-cozy? It's all about the materials. Cotton, easy care or heavier fabrics – take your pick. You'll find a mix of these fabrics in most valances. They're like the fashionistas of the bedding world, effortlessly combining style and substance.

Behind the Scenes: Ever wondered how a base valance does its thing? Basically fabric sits under your mattress and over your divan, finished with attached fabric frill that cascades down gracefully over your bed base. Voilà – you've got a bed that's both chic and practical. (Plus it hides any under bed storage.)

More Than Meets the Eye: Sure, bed valances look pretty, but they're not just for show. Ever notice the unsightly under-bed storage peeking out? A bed valance swoops in to the rescue, hiding the clutter and giving your bed a polished, put-together appearance.

Design Freedom: The best part? Bed valances play well with your design dreams. Whether you're into classic romance or a modern vibe, there's a valance out there for you. Experiment with lengths, textures, and even go for those split corners if you've got fancy bedposts to show off.

Easy-Breezy Maintenance: Worried about upkeep? Fear not! Most bed valances are washing machine-friendly. A regular spin in the laundry keeps them fresh, vibrant, and ready to continue jazzing up your bedroom.

In a Nutshell: So, there you have it – the bed valance, your bedroom's stylish sidekick. Whether you're aiming for elegance, hiding the mess, or just completing the look, a well-picked bed valance can transform your sleep space into a haven of style and comfort. Sweet dreams, folks!