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65 x 65cm Extra Large Cushions

65 x 65cm Extra Large Cushions

65 x 65cm Extra Large Cushion

We make a range of piped and filled cushions in extra large 26" x 26" sizes.

Choose from a range of beautiful modern fabrics including top designers like Emma Shipley and Orla Keily

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4 x Extra Large Velvet Cushions in Audubon - 65 x 65cm

Set of 4 x Cushions in Audubon Fabric - 65 x 65cmGloriously lavish cushion in Pink and Navy art deco..

531.87$ 372.31$ Ex Tax: 310.26$

65 x 65cm Alaska Velvet Cushion - 10 Colours

65cm Cushion in Alaska VelvetAdd a block of bright colour to any room with a soft velvet alaska cush..

110.37$ Ex Tax: 91.97$

Extra Large Audubon Velvet Cushion - 65 x 65cm

Cushion in Audubon Fabric by Emma ShipleyGloriously lavish cushion, featuring exotic birds and flora..

132.98$ Ex Tax: 110.81$