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Emperor Bedding

Emperor Bedding

Emperor Bedding

Bedding to Fit Emperor & Large Emperor Beds

Who wouldn't enjoy the decadence of a big bed.  In most peoples opinion the bigger the bed the better!

Large size, luxury hotel style beds are becoming more popular year on year because people just love a big bed and the luxury that comes with it.

These larger beds fall into 2 sizes although there can be other variations. We cater for both sizes and anything else inbetween.

Emperor 6ft 6"

This size bed could also be referred to as a Large Super King in the UK but has more recently the term Emperor has been used more and more by bed manufacturers.

Large Emperor 7ft 

This size is sometimes referred to as Emperor leading to some confusion.  For us Large Emperor means 7', in lengths up to 7' ,(these beds can also come at 6'3" and 6'6" lengths).  We make bedding for all these sizes.  Whatever the size variation we can make bedding for your 7ft bed.

We can supply large duvets too, made to fit. Plus everything else you would need including larger 115" x 95" Duvets, Duvet Covers and unique designer Bedding Sets.

Don't forget, larger beds would need larger pillows. Victoria Linen supply larger pillows (up to 3ft 6in) and pillow cases to match which are always great for these bigger beds. 

Please choose your size and product from the left hand column, (or click open filters if viewing on a mobile).

If you have any questions, can't find your bed size or require fabric samples please call us on 01706 220020, or email us we'll be happy to help.

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Extra Long Pillow Case - 3ft 6in - 100% Cotton - White or Ivory

Extra Long Pillow Case for 3ft 6in Pillow inEgyptian Cotton107 x 50cm case made in 200 Thread Count ..

30.57$ Ex Tax: 25.48$

Extra Long Pillow Case - 3ft 6in - 1000 Thread Count Cotton - White

Pillow Case for Extra Long Pillow in 1000 Thread Count CottonPillow case to fit 107 x 50cm pillows i..

53.18$ Ex Tax: 44.32$

Extra Long Pillow Case - 3ft 6in - Easy Care - 11 Colours

42" Pillow Case, available in 11 ColoursPillow Case for Extra Long 107 x 50cm Pillow. Made in easy c..

26.58$ Ex Tax: 22.15$

Large Emperor 7' x 7' Valance - 100% Cotton - White or Ivory

Large Emperor Valance in 100% Cotton400 Thread Count Valance to fit 215 x 215cm bed in white or ivor..

126.33$ Ex Tax: 105.27$

Large Emperor Fitted Valance Sheet - 7' x 7' - 1000 Thread Cotton - White

Fitted Valance Sheet for 7ft x 7ft Bed in 1000 Thread Count CottonMade to fit 215 x 215cm emperor be..

166.22$ Ex Tax: 138.52$

Large Emperor Fitted Valance Sheet - 7' x 7' - 400 Thread Cotton - White or Ivory

Fitted Valance Sheet for 7ft x 7ft Bed in 400 Thread Count CottonMade to fit 215 x 215cm emperor bed..

146.28$ Ex Tax: 121.90$

Large Emperor Fitted Valance Sheet - 7' x 7' - Easy Care - 11 Colours

Fitted Valance Sheet for Emperor BedsMade to fit 200 x 200cm, 7' x 7' bedsA valance sheet combines y..

146.28$ Ex Tax: 121.90$

Emperor Duvet Protector - 290 x 235cm - Waterproof - Breathable

Emperor Duvet ProtectorManufactured in breathable, cooling TENCEL fabric.  100% Anti Allergy,&n..

82.43$ Ex Tax: 68.69$