Guide to bed valances, valance sheets & more

Bed valances can come in a few different guises.  From valance sheets to easy fit we’ll take you through each style and which might be the best for you.

A Bed valance (or bed skirt) are sometimes the last thing you think to add to your bed.  However, the right valance can add the perfect touch of style to your bedroom.

Fitted sheets and duvet covers are at the top of most peoples lists when it comes to refreshing the bedroom, the poor bed valance is sometimes left as an after thought or even dismissed altogether.  In recent years it can be seen as quite twee and traditional for the modern bed.  We think this is a little unfair on the poor old bed skirt, it’s getting a bad rap.

A well made bed valance is a great way to cover an old divan that may have worn or started to look tired. It can also hide any storage, (or any unsightly mess..!) that you may keep under your bed.

Valances are a great way to tie your bed into any new colour scheme, adding a pattern or a block of colour that will tie into any bedroom refresh.  not to mention cover over any unsightly messes that may be under your bed.

Valance Frills

 Single Pleat Valance

Single Pleat Valance Single pleat valances feature one pleat at the corner and another half way down each side of the bed.  The straight lined un-fussiness goes well with the modern minimalistic approach.

 Frilled Valance

frilled valance sheet

A simple frilled valance still proves as popular as always.  With UK designers such as Kirstie Allsopp and Cath Kidston using more traditional country cottage looks the more traditional frilled and has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Types of Valance

Bed valances can come in many practical and useful designs.  Each has its own advantages when it comes to changing the bed linen and laundry days.

Base Valance

Platform or base valance are probably the most recognised and popular of valance designs.  Its a valance that fits on to your divan base, under your mattress.

The valance is made up of a frill that is attached to 3 sides of a base piece made to the size of your bed.  The frill runs down both edges and across the foot of the bed.

For example if you had a UK double 4’6″ x 6’3″ bed, the base piece would measure 4’6″ x 6’3″ and the frill of the valance is then attached around three sides.  There is no frill along the head of the bed as this can interfere with headboard fittings.

The platform valance is then placed on the bed divan with the mattress on top of it.

A big disadvantage with base / platform valances is that the mattress has to be removed to launder it.

A task that can prove difficult, especially if you have a larger bed.  Luckily its rare that the valance gets too dirty.  More often than not it collects dust, which can usually be cleaned off with a vacuum cleaner.

Shop UK made base valances here

Valance Sheet

Also known as the fitted valance, its a great alternative to a base valance.  Basically it is a valance and sheet in one that fits over your mattress with a valance frill that drops to cover the base of the bed.


The valance is made by first cutting fabric to the size of bed plus the mattress depth.  The sheet then has a frill attached around 3 sides to the depth required.  Remember, there is no frill around the head of the bed.

This technique gives the ‘boxed’ effect where the valance and attached sheet will slip over the bed and stay in place.  Giving the effect of a fitted sheet and valance.

Typically a fitted valance will come in the same colour, meaning if your were looking to contrast your sheet and valance you might be out of luck!

However, a great advantage of the valance sheet is its easy to get on and off the bed.  There is no wrestling or with the divan or moving the mattress as the whole thing is one piece of linen.  Just make sure your washing machine is big enough to take the load!

Buy valance sheets made to any drop here

Easy Fit Valance

Also known as  Velcro Attached Valance, this fits around your divan base using velcro.  As with the fitted valance you don’t need to move your mattress to fit the easy fit valance, it fits all around the outside of the bed.

easy-fit-valanceTo put it simply the valance is a frill or single pleat backed with a strip of velcro.  A strip of velcro is fixed around the top of the bed divan with the valance frill then being fixed along the top of the divan.

This valance is the best of both worlds, you can remove it easily for laundering.  It can then be reattached without removal of the mattress or heavy lifting.

The valance can also come in any colour to match or to contrast with your fitted sheets or duvet cover, giving you a bit more freedom when deciding on a colour cheme.

If you have an adjustable bed the easy fit valance is ideal. Fitting outside the divan base it can be out in place without intefering with the workings of the bed.

Its only downfall can be related to the strength of the velcro. Heavier upholstery fabrics may prove to heavy for the velcro’s glue, causing them to fall away.

Velcro backed with stronger glue may hold in place.  But this in turn can cause damage to the bed if and when you want to remove them.

Buy easy fit valances here

So there you have it, the simple bed valance comes in quite a few different guises, well, three but we’re sure there’s more, feel free to let us know if you have seen other types.

6 Ways a Velcro Valance Will Make Your Life Easier

Although you don’t often think of it, the valance is an important part of the look you create for your bedroom.  It’s style can give a bed a distinct look. From the traditional bed ruffle or frilled look to the neater single pleat and the uniform box pleated look.  Either way a bed without a valance always looks like there’s something…………….  missing! Tweet This

We understand the significance of the valance as part of the ideal couture bedroom.  But as such a large piece of linen, it can be a handful when changing the bed!

The standard way a valance is made is by using one large cut of material goes under the mattress with the frill that drops around the divan base. Unfortunately this is not suitable for everyone. Imagine removing a 7ft Emperor mattress every time you want to change the valance.  Or watching on helpless as your adjustable bed slowly chews it up whenever it moves up or down.  In fact removing the mattress of any type of bed can result in red faces and high blood pressure, who needs it!?

At Victoria Linen making bespoke bed linen and finding answers to these problems is what we do.  And so we have created and manufacture the Easy Fit Valance to complement virtually any type of bed you have. It uses Velcro around the base of the bed to look perfect.  They will stay in place and look great, enhancing the look of your bedroom.  Why should you get one these valances?  What makes them so special? Well, come closer, we’d love to tell you!

  1. Truly Easy to Fit – It couldn’t be easier. Place the sticky backed Velcro around the base and then simply connect the Velcro that is stitched into the valance all the way around the base of the bed.  It will fasten simply and easily into place attaching all the way round – beautiful!
  2. No Heavy Lifting Required! – Easy Fit Valances connect around the base of the bed, so no more moving the mattress off the bed in order to change or straighten it – what a relief!
  3. Less for the Laundry! – Since the Easy Fit Valance uses considerably less fabric than traditional valances, it’s easier to wash, not to mention the fact that it is easily removed from the bed and thrown in the wash!
  4. Easy to Iron – Since there is less fabric, there is less to iron. Now, we know you don’t love ironing anyway, but at least with the Easy Fit Valance, the work of ironing is decreased and your bedding looks great more quickly!
  5. Fits Any Bed – Yes, Easy Fit Valances fit virtually any bed – including round beds and adjustable beds – with ease! Which means if you don’t have time to wait for a bespoke valance (which we do create exceptionally well also!) you can choose an Easy Fit Valance instead!
  6. Better for the Environment – It’s true, Velcro Attached Valances use less material meaning less waste, they also cost less to manufacture and less machine work was needed in to cut and make them.

We’ve tried to think of every size of bed when it comes to the Easy Fit Valance. Our online store carries a wide variety of bed sizes from small double to large Emperor as well as sizes for Waterbeds and Adjustable Beds.  We have also offer a multitude of colours, drops, styles as well as several thread count options. And if you can’t find exactly what you need, we’ll be happy to create the perfect complement Easy Fit Valance for your bed in your choice in whatever fabric, colour, length, width, and drop you want (within reason of course!). And don’t forget, samples are always available to help you make the perfect selection. Call, visit, or stop in today at Victoria Linen Company and discover all the great things about Easy Fit Valances! Tel 01706 220020

Famous Four Poster Bed – The Great Bed of Wear

Victoria Linen get many requests to create designs and dress four poster beds, from light drapes to full, dramatic curtains and matching valances. You might not know it but the grand four poster bed has remained popular for centuries with both modern and classic interpretations still in demand today.

A quick history of four poster beds

The classic four poster bed is usually defined by grand posts at each corner and detailed with ornate carvings. The bed was thought to have first been designed in the 1400’s in Austria. From there its popularity spread across Europe before becoming popular in the UK during the Tudor period. Known as ‘the bed of kings’ at the time these beds grew in size to match stature and would be decorated in the finest silks and satins. A status symbol for the time.

One of the most famous four poster beds is The Great Bed of Wear, now on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The 3 metre wide bed was believed to once be a curiosity at a bed and breakfast and was made famous by a mention in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. For detailed information on this magnificent oak four poster bed you can go and visit the V&A in London where it’s on display. If you’ve no time for that here’s a potted history.

The Great Bed of Wear

Bed of Wear
The Great Bed of Wear

1590: The Bed was probably made as a tourist attraction for an inn in Ware, Hertfordshire.

1601: Mentioned in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and by Sir Toby Belch, describing a sheet of paper ‘big enough for the bed of Ware!’

1609: Mentioned as ‘The Great Bed of Ware’ by Ben Johnson in Epiconene.

1611: Owned by Sir Henry Fanshaw of Ware Park.

1612: The bed (measuring 10 feet 8inches high and 8 feet 9 inches square) was transferred to the White Hart Inn in Hertfordshire.

1669: The bed wound up at Rye house, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

1700: According to Sir Henry Chauncey’s history of Hertford ‘the bed bedded six citizens of London and their wives such was its size’.
Probably because of its size and importance the bed survived until the present date.

The Great bed of Wear is made from oak and heavily carved. The four poster posts are massive square sections at the base with a huge carved bulbous bobbin raised on a four pillar design. The headboard of the four poster features carved detail of pillars and arches surrounded by rosettes. This is an extremely ornate four poster bed and must have really stretched the skills of the bed makers.

Modern Four Poster Beds Today

Modern 4 poster bed by Revival Beds
Modern 4 poster bed by Revival Beds

There is still a big demand for four poster beds but the more popular sizes are king size (5’0″) and super kingsize (6’0″).
Revival Beds are a specialist bed maker from Nottinghamshire, making handmade 4 poster beds in all sizes. These include beds large enough to take 7’0” and 8’0″ mattresses (also known as Emperor and Caesar size beds).

Bed Bugs & Dust Mites: The Facts

What You Should Know About Bed Bugs & Dust Mites (without making you feel itchy!)

Mattress Protectors are a great barrier against any nasties.
Mattress Protectors are a great barrier against bed mites and bugs


You’ve probably heard horror stories about bed bugs or dust mites, but do really know what they are? And more importantly how you can protect against them? Sometimes these two bed critters get mixed up and while both can be harmful to you, one is definitely more of a concern than the other.

Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

Let’s start by establishing some basic facts – there are many extremely tiny, often invisible creatures with which you share your homes harmoniously.  This is true of the dust mite. You share your house with millions of these minute insects and you will rarely notice their presence. The only time the dust mite becomes a problem is its association to common allergens and asthma. Bedbugs on the other hand are definitely not so insignificant. They are visible to the naked eye and are responsible for biting and feeding while you are asleep. Below we’ll look at each in more detail and suggest how to best protect yourself and your home from both bed bugs and dust mites.

Dust Mites

The common dust mites found in your home are also known as household dust mites and are actually microscopic arachnids (a close relation of spiders). They live in your carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses. It is estimated that an average two million or more dust mites make your mattress their home. Whilst there they enjoy a diet of shed skin and other micro waste and live in a humid environment (around 70% or more), making your mattress a perfect home base. They measure only 0.03 mm typically.

What Dust Mites Cause…

The allergens produced by dust mites are found in their waste and decaying body parts. They are released into the air commonly when the area is disturbed, for example when you vacuum, dust, sit, or even roll over in bed. When you inhale the dust mite allergens 99 times our a 100 you will not notice and your body will deal with any nasties while you continue your day. However in some cases allergic reactions can initiated. This can happen where there is a high build of dust mites (in unclean/undusted areas for example). Reactions can vary but include nasal congestion, cough or eczema. These allergens can also be responsible for asthma attack for those that suffer with asthma. Children and senior adults are commonly the most vulnerable, but anyone can be affected by dust mites.

How to Reduce the Dust Mites in your Home

Basically less dust in your home means less dust mites. If you keep your house clean and concentrate on the places where you are the most, (your living room carpets, your sofa and your bed) you will greatly reduce the number in your home. Vacuuming regularly with a HEPA filter helps, but you’ll want to pay special attention to your bedding. Always wash you bedding in hot water, you can even use an anti-allergen detergent. Next consider covers for mattresses and pillows designed to stop contact with the dust mites, locking the allergens inside. Additionally, you might consider silk bedding, which is 100 percent natural, non-synthetic, hypoallergenic, and a natural repellant to dust mites. Outside the bedroom, you’ll also want to reduce humidity all over the house, and if you can, exchange carpets for hardwoods, tile, or vinyl, and upholstered furniture for vinyl or leather.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasites, typically nocturnal, reddish brown in colour, visible to the naked eye. Without being dramatic these insect feed on your blood. Though an infestation of these pesky creatures can happen anywhere, today they are found most commonly in apartments and hotels, where messiness allows them to easily hide. Unfortunately, one of their favourite hiding places are mattresses. If your unlucky to be bitten by one you will know in a short amount of time. They leave small red, itching, and painful bites, which are nasty but normally do not cause allergic reactions. They do multiply quickly and are hard to alleviate.

How to Eradicate the Bed Bugs in your Home

Again the best response is prevention. Use a mattress protector as well as duvet and pillow protectors which seal them and keep the bugs out completely. Always washing your bedding at high temperatures also helps prevent infestation.
If you do find an infestation these bugs do perish under extremely high temperatures using either steam sprays or chemicals. They can be quite stubborn to completely eradicate and you may need professional help to completely rid yourself of these creatures.

Should you have questions on the proper bedding to prevent dust mite allergic reactions and bed bug infestation, call us on 01706 220020 and let us guide you to helpful solutions to protect your home from troublesome dust mites and bed bugs.

If you have any further comments please post them below.

Your Pocket History of UK Cotton.

As a bedding manufacturer, cotton is the life blood of what we do.  We are located in Lancashire, a place that once had a thriving cotton industry.  Indeed, around 100 years ago it was the pride of the U.K creating fabric from yarn and creating products that were exported around the world. Unfortunately the industry today, while still significant, is a lot smaller with only a few manufacturers remaining to carry on workmanship and manufacture in the textile sector.

So, what happened to the UK Cotton Industry?

power loom
Power loom

Prior to the mid 1700s, textile production in the United Kingdom was performed by handloom weavers. In these early years production was typically linen and wool but would be followed later by cotton. The industry began to truly evolve with the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the development of the power loom, patented by Edmund Cartwright in 1785.  The power loom was a mechanized loom which used water to power instead of by hand and sped up the weaving process significantly.  The idea was further developed over the coming years using steam power until fully automatic looms were in use by the mid 1800’s.

It was quickly discovered that Lancashire was the ideal location for the expanding cotton industry; already providing expert weavers as well an abundant supply of coal for steam engines, stone for building factories, and the ideal climate for processing cotton – cool and damp! The region’s population boomed as the cotton industry exploded in the United Kingdom. Raw cotton, imported from the Americas, grew the industry and created a British monopoly on textile exports to the Americas and Africa, all of which fueled the slave trade as well as industrial growth in Britain.

After slavery was outlawed, the industry continued to grow and by 1912, at the cotton industry’s peak, eight billion yards of cotton were produced. The outbreak of World War I, meant the end of exports to foreign countries like Japan, who built their own factories and produced a less expensive product as well. As the war ended, Gandhi’s call for a boycott of British goods, including cotton, followed by Japan’s emergence as the world’s largest cotton manufacturer, caused a large number of Britain’s mills to close.

A small resurgence of the industry came with the dawn of World War II, as cotton manufacturers were called on to support the war effort with fabric for uniforms and parachutes. Following the war, the Cotton Industry in the United Kingdom, unable to compete with mounting international competition began to fail.  The growth of cheap manufacturing abroad and the move away from manufacture during the late 70’s – 1980’s saw further closures as the cotton mills struggled to compete.

Today, little remains of our legacy from the U.K.’s golden age of Cotton Industry but there is still a strong legacy of seamstresses working in many facets of the textile industry.  From apparel and shoe manufacture to our own UK manufactured bed linen, there are businesses carrying on the proud tradition of that legacy.

For more information on life in a cotton mill, see the imperial war museums articles here

I hope you enjoyed reading our pocket history, if you think we’ve missed anything or want to add your views, please let us know in the comments below.

Our Top 10 Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep!


Taking to long to get to the land of nod? Read through our handy guide and we’ll help you sail away to a great nights sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, not only for your health and well-being, but also for your productivity, balance, and energy.

Those who fall short in getting the quality and quantity of sleep needed often find themselves, feeling tired, forgetful, depressed and unproductive.

To help in your quest for rest-filled sleep, here are our top 10 tips to stop you counting those sheep and get a good night’s sleep.

Tip 1 – The Sleep Schedule –

Your body has a natural sleep cycle and getting in tune with yours will help you sleep better. This simply means going to sleep and waking at the same time each day, and yes, that means even on holidays!

Tip 2 – Say No to Napping –

Naps, short or long can keep you awake at night. If you must absolutely must nap limit your nap to 10 to 20 minutes in the early afternoon.

Tip 3 – Choose Wisely What and When You Eat at Night –

Don’t eat a huge meal before bedtime, instead try and have your dinner a bit earlier to alleviate tummy troubles like indigestion and heartburn, both of which may keep you awake at night. Of course, you don’t want to go to be hungry either, so if you must try something light before bed, like a yogurt or light cereal.

Tip 4 – Limit Caffeine and Alcohol at Night –

Avoid caffeine (tea, colas, coffee, and chocolate) which can keep you up late into the night. You’ll also want to avoid alcohol near bedtime, it doesn’t help with sleep, though it might make you feel sleepy it can lead to a listless and light sleep filled night.

Tip 5 – Exercise Regularly and Right –

Studies show those who exercise regularly, sleep better at night. Even walking for 10-15 minutes daily can improve sleep – both quality and quantity. Keep in mind that you don’t want to exercise vigorously within three hours of bedtime, which will have the opposite effect.

Tip 6 – Create Your Own Bedtime Routine –

Only you know what relaxes you, but by creating a routine that allows you to relax, you find a better night’s sleep on the horizon. Try reading a book, taking a soothing bath or shower, listening to tranquil music or aromatherapy.

Tip 7 – Control the Light –

Turn down the lights or use lamp light several hours before bedtime. It can give a calming atmosphere. In addition, recent research indicates that screen time (television, computer, mobile phones, and tablets can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. When it’s time for bed, make sure your bedroom is dark.

Tip 8 – Keep your Cool –

Too hot and your be sticky and uncomfortable. Too cold and your’ll wake up shivering! Aim to Keep your bedroom cool and ventilated at night, this can aid you in your quest for a good night’s sleep.

Tip 9 – Choose Cozy, Comfy Bedding

Mattress, pillows, and bedlinens can make all the difference to your rest-filled night. Choose mattress and pillows which are comfortable to you – the level of support you need. For your bedlinens, natural fibers like cotton and silk are the best choice, allowing the body to regulate temperature and for heat to dissipate during the night.

Tip 10 – Reduce Your Stress –

Get organized, take breaks when needed, and if your ‘to do’ list rambles through your head at bedtime, keep a notepad by your bed. Write them down and set it aside until morning.

Those our our tips to stop you staring at the ceiling/wall cracks/alarm clock at night. Hopefully using these will result in you getting some deep, restoring sleep and get you ready for the day ahead.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think may need it, (your half asleep work colleague perhaps). Plus, if you can think of any tips we may have missed please feel free to add them below.

Emperor Bedding – 6 Essentials You Can’t Do Without

Emperor beds are a wonderful thing, but once you have it where do you find your bedding?

You may find emperor bedding items can be a hard products to track down due to it a popular size, luckily this handy list should leave you kitted out for a fantastic nights sleep! Click to Tweet!

emperor bedding set in downham
emperor bedding set – downham

If your out shopping for bedding you will have probably noticed that standard UK beds are classed as Single, Double, King & Super King. These range from 3′ up to 6′ in width and are the norm in nearly every bed store in the UK. Times are changing however and in recent years the larger 6’6″ and 7′ Emperor bed and mattress have grown in popularity.

This list is for those contemplating buying an emperor bed or people who already own one. Lets start with what we think are the essentials and work our way down.

Emperor Mattress Protector

First of all, this is definitely the most important purchase after your bed. There could be nothing worse than enjoying your new emperor bed only to spoil it with an accidental spill of coffee! Once a mattress is stained or

emperor mattress protector
emperor mattress protector

damaged by liquids in can be difficult if not impossible job to try and get it clean again. Emperor Mattress Protectors are the best way of stopping this happening. A layer between your bed sheet and the mattress that can stop any spillages or accidents getting on to the mattress.
Most protectors come in the same types of fabrics that can roughly be dropped into 2 categories:

Types of protector

  • Quilted: Usually a polyester material with diamond quilting. The quilted material is good as a general purpose protector for your bed, shielding from slight spillages or splashes.  These protectors are not usually anti allergenic as dust mites can form in the polyester wadding.
  • Waterproof: Usually a non permeable material backed with cotton or fleecing for comfort.  These protectors are great at stopping anything getting through to the mattress, unfortunately that includes air which means your bed can get quite warm.  TENCEL emperor mattress protectors are relatively new to the market, the amazing thing about this material is that it protects your mattress from water and bed mites whilst also being breathable. Find out more about TENCEL fabric in our other blog post here.

Emperor Fitted Sheets

Emperor fitted sheet
Emperor fitted Sheet

Now your have protected your bed the next thing is a soft, comfortable sheet to go across it. We recommend an Emperor Fitted Sheet for this simply because its easy to use. We make them with an elastic border all round the sheet so they are easy to fit into place. Sheets, as with most of your emperor bedding will come in different thread counts:

Bedding Fabric Types

  • 200 Thread Count Poly Cotton Percale: Poly cotton is probably the most popular fabric on the market.  The mix of polyester and cotton makes for a sheet that is extremely durable but is also an ‘easy-care’ fabric meaning there is little to no ironing needed after being laundered.  All our poly cotton is 50/50 mix as we find this is the best feel and quality while still maintaining the easy-care properties.
  • 100% Cotton Percale:  This is as stated, our pure 100% cotton.  Cotton has long been the most popular fabric used in bedding. Its cooling and soft qualities have been well documented over the years. Our Emperor Fitted Sheets are made from 100% cotton in a range of thread counts.  Meaning our fabrics contain 200, 400 or 1000 threads to the inch.  Each of these cottons are beautifully soft and become softer with each higher thread count.  While you will have more ironing with cotton to remove creases, they are significantly more soft.  See here for more on our cotton’s unique qualities.
  • What is Percale?  You may have seen it mentioned a couple of times above.  Percale is a term used when yarns of cotton are combed before weaving. This is a process used to remove knots and other impurities making your sheets softer and longer lasting.

You don’t have to use Fitted Sheets if you find them a pain to iron.  Alternatives are emperor sized flat sheets (usually about 305cm wide). Alternately, use semi fitted sheets where only the bottom of the sheet has elastic.

Emperor Sized Duvets and Duvet Sets

Who doesn’t love curling up in a swath of soft duvet, snuggling for a great nights sleep? Why should it be any different if you have an emperor bed? Finding the right size duvet for your emperor bed can be a problem. Luckily online we have a wide range of emperor duvets and emperor duvet sets made to fit perfectly. You need duvets and sets that measure approx. 232 x 292cm, this size is ideal for your emperor bed with the correct over hang to give your bedding a great look.

Emperor Duvets

Emperor Duvet
Emperor Duvet

Duvets in the correct 232 x 292cm size are perfect for your emperor bed. These come in 3 different fillings:

  • Dacron Comforel: Snuggle into a high quality hollow fibre filling that has a feather light quality whilst also being non allergenic.
  • Duck Feather and Down: Curl up in a naturally filled duvet with high 85/15 feather to down mix.
  • Goose Down: Dive into an amazingly light and cosy duvet made in 90% Goose Down and 10% Feather.

Emperor Duvet Sets

Call me a genius but a duvet set is especially relevant if you have a new duvet. Using a duvet without a cover means you need a lot more room in the washer, way to much trouble! A soft, durable duvet cover is always a good addition. Plus the cover can add a splash of colour and design that can brighten up the whole room.

We have emperor duvet sets available in the fabrics described above.

emperor duvet sets
emperor duvet set

50/50 Poly cotton and 100% cotton in various high quality thread counts. One thing you should look out for is the quality of the clasps at the foot of your cover where the emperor duvet goes in. Some manufacturers cut corners here using cheap plastic clasps that soon become brittle and break in the wash, leaving half your duvet hanging on the floor! Our covers come with durable metal clasps that can withstand up to 10 years worth of wash and dry cycles, guaranteed! Get your cover in a range of bright colours and designs made to suit any bedroom.

Emperor Bed Valance

A bed valance is the perfect finish to your bed, also commonly known as a bed ruffle or a bed skirt. An emperor valance will run a frill around the whole base of your bed covering the divan or the bed legs.

emperor bed valance
emperor bed valance

For an emperor sized valance the finish needs to be either 200 or 213cm approx. depending on the width of your bed. We would advise that you measure the width and length of your bed and check before ordering. Emperor bed valances come in 12 colours in our 50/50 poly cotton fabric, a good durable material that will give a great finish once in place. Choose from a selection of finishes to best suit your room. Valance styles are as shown in the image: frilled, box pleated or single pleated.

Emperor Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper might not be classed as an essential item for a new emperor bed. However, older mattresses can spread and loose some of there comfiness over time, thats where this topper proves useful. The topper is lay across the top of the mattress and may be attached using

emperor mattress topper
emperor mattress topper

elastic loops. These mattress toppers can refresh an old mattress and give an extra layer of comfort, especially for those who may find there mattress too hard. Like duvets, toppers are available in a number of fillings including comfort polyester and feather ranges.

Emperor Bedding Sets

Why not consider a bespoke made emperor bedding set?  A very easy and hassle free way to buy bedding for your bed. A set will contain almost everything you need in one handy purchase. Furthermore a set can come complete with emperor bedspreads, cushions and pillow shams to take your emperor bed linen (and your bedroom) to a whole new level! Customers can order samples of fabrics and speak to our customer service centre on 01706 220020 for more information.

Phew, and there we have it. I think we have covered everything you will need for your new emperor bed. If you spot anything I have missed or we didn’t cover be sure to let us know in the comments below.



Choosing the best filling for your duvet to suit you perfectly!

Where to find Emperor Headboards

Bed Skirts – Organising Our Many Varieties

Our Bed Skirts & Valances have been reorganised

Bed Skirts
Bed Skirts – All varieties from victoria linen

As a bespoke bedding company, you might be aware that we have a massive range of product sizes, fabrics and colours available when it come to the bed skirt or bed valance. We try to cater for everything from bunk beds to 8ft beds and all the sizes in between plus adjustable beds. We then try and add as much choice in fabrics and colours with 100% cottons in white and ivory and up to 12 colours in our poly cottons. With all this choice it can be quite hard to group everything so that you (the customer) can easily find what it is you are looking for.
For this reason we have now grouped all our bed skirts on two pages, hopefully this will make it easier when choosing the type of valance you need, (if not we may be out of a job!)

Firstly we have grouped all the standard bed skirt sizes on a standard bed valance page: on here we have your usual base valances as well as Easy Fit Valances that have a Velcro attachment plus Valance Sheets and Split Corner Valances that are ideal for wrought iron beds or four poster beds.
Secondly we have the bed valance page for all non standard sizes. This page basically has all the products previously mentioned but for larger sizes and for adjustable beds.

Hopefully regrouping our bed skirt pages like this make it much easier for those looking for a particular type of bed skirt to be able to find what they are looking for without getting lost in the myriad of other products we have on the website. If anyone cannot find what they are looking for and needs further help please contact us on 01706 220020 and our sales team will be happy to help.

Split Corner Valance in Any Size.

A Split Corner Valance is the perfect compliment to your iron bed or your four poster bed. But where do you find one?

Split Corner Valance from Victoria Linen Company
Split Corner Valance

As with most bedding, if you don’t have the normal single, double, king, super king bed sizes it can be a struggle to find bedding in custom sizes to fit your bed. But really, who wants to be normal(yawn) about anything! You can add a little style and elegance to any bedroom when you add a wrought iron bed, a bedstead or even a four poster bed. However, anyone who has anything like these beds knows that finding bedding, especially valances to fit is something of a specialist job.

The remedy to this is a split corner valance. Simply put, the split corner valance is made especially for these types of beds. They have a break at each corner so that the valance can sit comfortably each side of the bed pole or bedstead and fit into place under the mattress.

Victoria Linen offer Split Corner Valance’s with as many options as you would need. The valance comes in a range of 12 colours in easy care poly cotton, it also comes in White or Ivory in a range of high thread count Egyptian cottons. Each valance can then be adjusted to fit correctly, options can be changed on the width of the poles of your bed, the colour and even the frill drop starting at 12″ and going right up top 20.5″ for those extra tall beds. The split corner valance comes in three designs, the standard frilled valance, the sleek looking single pleat (with one pleat at the centre of each side and the foot of the bed, or as a box pleat with a neat pleat every three inches or so.

So, it just goes to show that even if you want something bespoke and made to fit, although it may be more difficult that getting your standard bedding for your standard bed, (zzzzzzz… wha?) if you do want exciting beds like four posters or iron beds split corner valance’s are out there to give your bed the perfect finish.

Kylie Bedding Competition!


Victoria Linen Company Competition.

with Victoria Linen Company

To enter, simply like the photo on our Facebook Page and comment below it with one word to describe the Petra bedding set.

DRAW CLOSES MARCH 31st 2016 at 12pm.

In order to enter, participants must be aged 18+ and live in the UK.

Good Luck!

petra-competition**This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook.



In order to enter, participants must be 18 or over and live in the UK.

To enter, simply like the Facebook post & write a comment consisting of one word you would use to describe the bedding set.
The Draw will close at 12pm on

Thursday the 31st March 2016.

Winner will be picked randomly using a random number generator.

The winner will be tagged in an announcement post & will be messaged via Facebook on the 31st March 2016.
The winner will need to provide: Their choice of duvet size and their full name and address to Victoria Linen co.
Winner will win:

One Full Kylie Minogue Petra Bedding Set including:

One Duvet cover (choice of Double, King & Superking)

Two Regular Pillow Cases

Two Square Pillow Cases

One Petra Cushion

One Alira Pewter Cushion

One Clauda Kitten Cushion

One Petra Bed Runner

Any correspondence will be from or Via the official Victoria Linen Facebook Page.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook.
Don’t worry if you don’t win in our fantastic competition. We regularly have great deals on all Kylie Minogue Bedding including 10% off RRP’s and full bed sets including free Fitted Sheets! Check out the latest designs at the link above.