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Quarter of Brits Struggling with Poor Sleep Since COVID

Posted by mattfallon 14/01/2022 0 Comment(s)

Quarter of Brits Struggling with Poor Sleep Since COVID


The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t just taken its toll on the travel industry and global economies. It’s also had an alarming impact on sleep quality, with new researchhelp-to-sleep revealing almost 25% of Brits have been struggling with poor sleep since the pandemic started.

Sleep is hugely important, giving your body a chance to rest and repair. Without enough sleep, you risk an array of health issues. Here are four easy ways to improve your sleep quality:


Unplug from technology


From stimulating your mind and triggering emotional responses to flooding your eyes with blue light, using your phone before bed can have a long-lasting impact on your sleep. While it can be tempting to scroll through your social media feeds or check your emails before you switch off the light, experts maintain it’s best to unplug from technology several hours before bed.  

If you have to use your phone before bed, try setting it to automatically switch onto night mode after 9pm. This dims the screen and minimizes the amount of blue light it emits. Why does this matter? Blue light not only suppresses melatonin (a hormone that helps you sleep) but can also mess up your body’s internal clock.


Avoid caffeine after 3pm


As a rule, you should avoid coffee after 3pm to ensure your body is caffeine-free by the time you hit the hay. Even if you don’t sip coffee in the evenings, be wary of “hidden” caffeine sources like tea and dark chocolate.


Go alcohol free on weeknights


While lots of Brits enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the evenings, research suggests alcoholic beverages can affect sleep. Opting for an alcohol free policy on weeknights could help to improve your sleep and leave you feeling more refreshed in the mornings.


Invest in breathable bedding


More than 50% of Brits report feeling too hot in bed, an experience that can severely affect sleep quality. Investing in breathable bedding made from natural materials is one of the easiest and most effective ways to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.



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