Should I Get an Emperor Bed? The Pros & Cons

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Should I Get an Emperor Bed? The Pros & Cons

Emperor bedding at Victoria Linen

There’s nothing better than sinking into the sheets after a hard day. But does your bed cut the mustard for quality slumber? If not, perhaps a new bed could improve the experience. 

Choosing a new bed is a big investment, not just in money but in wellbeing too. So, it’s essential to make the right choice. If you have the space, bigger is often better as it provides plenty of room if sharing with a partner. 

The question lies on how big do you want to go? We’ve all heard of king size and super king, but have you considered an emperor bed? 

Read on to discover how one of the UK’s biggest bed sizes could be the perfect addition to your bedroom. 


What is an emperor bed? 


The emperor bed is one of the largest bed sizes available in the UK. This size commonly falls into to classesstandard Emperor and Large Emperor. 

Emperor mattresses measure 6ft 6” by 6ft 6” and are the next size up from a super king. The Large Emperor is bigger still and measures 7ft by 7ft. 
This bed size will create a big impact in any bedroom and is ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep. But while having the biggest bed on the market can be a blessing, it can also have some drawbacks. Below we’ll cover the key pros and cons for you.

The pros of emperor bed


It’s perfect for sharing

We all like space when we sleep, and this is the ideal solution. The width and length provide ample room to starfish. Plus, if your children have a habit of joining you in the morning, there’ll be room for everyone. 


Adds a touch of luxury to your home

An emperor bed is the ultimate luxury addition to your bedroom. Due to its size, the commanding aesthetic creates a focal point, which can then be accessorised with sumptuous emperor bedding and soft cushions. 

Investment in quality sleep

Your bed is the most important thing in the room, so it’s best to invest well. You’re not just opting for something that looks good. It also needs to provide a quality sleep experience. 
Choosing an emperor bed is the perfect option to achieve this. In addition, the selection of a well-crafted mattress to accompany your bed frame will create a luxurious retreat in your home. 
You can even opt for extra features such as pipped edging, supportive cushioning and hypoallergenic properties. 

Value for your purchase 


Investing in a good bed and mattress is essential for getting the most for your budget. Choosing a high-quality emperor bed is likely to last many years compared to cheaper versions on the market. 


The cons of an emperor bed 


The size 

While the size is a bonus in many respects, it also presents some challenges. One being, how to get it upstairs or even through the door. This might take some planning. However, if you need help, hire professionals to make the process easier. 


Changing the sheets 

Remaking the bed with fresh sheets is always a chore, but it might be a little more challenging with an emperor bed. But this can be easily overcome by roping your partner or children in to give you a hand. 


Accessorising your emperor bed

Styling your emperor bed is another bonus of this bed size. There are numerous emperor bedding options to choose from. At Victoria Linen, our Alice, Bowden and Brooklyn bedding sets are always a popular choice. 

The choice of fabrics for your bed offers the chance to recreate a 5* hotel vibe. Plus, there’s nothing better than sleeping in fresh and sumptuous sheets. 
Alongside quality linens, cushions and bed runners create texture and warmth in the space. 

Choosing the right bedding for your emperor bed

Emperor bedding is larger than standard sizes, so it’s essential to get the best designs for your room. If you’re unsure of sizing, check the measurements as emperor beds come in two sizes – standard and large. 

We have a wide selection of luxury bedding at Victoria Linen for all emperor bed sizes. Our linens are bespoke to us and are made to order to ensure a perfect fit. If you need any help with measurements or can’t find your size, contact our team on 01706 220020 for assistance. 

Are you thinking about purchasing a new emperor bed and need some help picking new bedding? Browse our premium-quality emperor bedding range today and experience our luxury, handcrafted linens and accessories, perfect for your brand new bed.  


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