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Save £££'s with a Bedding Bundle! For Standard, Small Double and more...

Posted by mfallon 20/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

Good quality bedding that lasts can be expensive. It probably makes sense to try and make a saving...


Bedding, especially for sizes like small double can be expensive. Even more so when you want that linen to fit your bed perfectly.

We have always looked to get you the best price and best quality for your bedding. Especially when your sizes are non standard like small double and emperor.


Price is something we think about a lot.  As a UK manufacturer our overheads are quite expensive when you compare us to the high street. None of our bespoke linen (i.e. small double bedding) is made outside the UK.  Plus, we pay our staff by the hour and not by the amount of bedding they produce.  That kind of practice (termed piece work) can lead to shoddy finishes, stressed workers and sub standard bed linens.  Couple the labour cost with our fabric, transported in from the best mills around the world, and the price of our bedding starts to become expensive.


So this is how we make our bedding cheaper for you...


Its always better for any business to produce more of something.  It lowers the production cost, (why cut one sheet when we can cut two!) and of course we can reduce the price.

That's where the idea for bedding bundles came from.  Already popular in the USA it's a great way for you to save on your linens and for us to save on costs.  Everyone's a winner!


We thought the best way to set this up would be a choice of three bundles.


Starter Bundle : A simple two sheets and and two pillow case. Available at 15% off.  One for the bed while the others in the wash


Core Bundle :  2 x Fitted Sheets, 2 x Top or Flat Sheets and 2 x pillow Cases. An ideal sheet set and especially good for adjustable beds as top sheets are semi fitted and will stay on the bed when its raised. Available at 20% off


Luxe Bundle : Our best value bundle.  Its the core bundle above but with a duvet cover and an extra 2 x pillow cases.  Everything you need in one click and at an amazing 25% off!

 All of the above bundles are available in any of our easy care and 100% cotton fabrics.



We'll be adding more bundles along the way so if there is anything in particular you want to see in a bedding pack.  Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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