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Bedding Sets - New Colours from NY & London Fashion Week

Posted by mfallon 26/10/2017 1 Comment(s)

How the New York & London Fashion weeks inspire our latest bedding sets.

Fashion Week has just wrapped up in New York and London. Every year the shows produce the most popular colours, collated by Pantone and presented as the colours for Fall/Winter 2017/2018.


What are the Pantone colours?

The Pantone Colours promise the latest in on-trend colours influencing all things fashion for the upcoming year.





London Fashion Week

The Colour Palette for London offers a blend of definitive, classic favorites along with exceptional and confident hues.  The colours deliver a divergent, unexpected, yet complementary palette. From the vibrant Flame Scarlet to traditional Navy Peony to classic Otter Brown - the Top 10 Pantone Colours for London are sure to please. Also included in the collection are Primrose Pink, Toast, Blue Bell, Royal Lilac, Copper Tan, Lemon Curry, and Golden Olive.















New York Fashion Week

In New York, the Pantone Top 10 offers fresh, innovative hues with a nod to time-honored classics.  The range while embracing comfort, warmth, and a bit of invention. In New York and London, Navy Peony was the only true intersection of the respective Top 10 Colour Palettes.  Although vivacious Grenadine and pretty Ballet Slipper offered similarities with London’s Flame Scarlet and Primrose Pink. Autumn’s warmth finds its way into Tawny Port, Butterum, and Autumn Maple while Golden Lime and Marina Blue promise refreshing brights and colours. Also included in the Colour Palette for New York are Neutral Gray and Shaded Spruce.











From the catwalk to the bedroom...

Of course, at Victoria Linen, our goal is always to deliver the best bespoke bedding, while keeping your boudoir in fashion. With that in mind, let’s explore our range of creative and colourful Bedding Sets. Each with the promise of Fashion Week’s beautiful hues. 



bedding sets - bowlandLet’s begin with the Bowland Bedding Set. Offering several colour choices in assent to the New York Palette.  The Bowland features Spice, the Victoria Linen tone akin to Butterum, and Citrus, in agreement with Pantone’s Golden Lime.     














bedding set - richmond     



Next, the Richmond Bedding Set delivers the season’s lovely neutral, Mineral, affirmation of New York’s Neutral Gray. The extravagant Opulence Bedding Set in Oatmeal gives the nod to London’s warm Otter Brown and Truffle hints of London’s Tawny Port. 












bedding sets - Opulence


The Florence Bedding Set in Hibiscus signals acquiescence to New York’s Ballet Slipper soft tones.


While the Wordsworth Set promises strong consent to London’s brighter hues. In Scarlet, one sees Pantone’s bold Flaming Scarlet. In Aubergine an agreement is reached with the rich Royal Lilac, and Sage joins in with the harmonious hues of Golden Olive. To complete the homage to Pantone’s Color Palettes of London and New York, the Earlston and Fairmount Bedding Sets feature Natural tones analogous to Toast. Shopping for the fashion, fit, quality, and luxury is always tranquil and relaxed at Victoria Linen Company. Stop in today, online or in store and discover the perfect hue from Fashion Week to decorate your bedroom retreat.

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