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A Guide to 1000 Thread Count Sheets

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A Complete Guide to 1000 Thread Count Sateen Sheets


When it comes to a good night’s sleep, thread count makes a world of difference. Not only does 1000 thread count bedding feel incredible on your skin and actively improve your sleep, but it gives your bedroom a luxe aesthetic that will make you feel as though you’re checking into a five-star hotel.


Sateen sheets are considered the crème de la crème of bed linen for a reason, combining the smooth and luxurious feel of satin with the strength, durability and natural fibre benefits of cotton.


Sound like your idea of heaven? The good news is, 1000 thread count sateen sheets aren’t just for luxury hotels. With a little research and a healthy dose of insider knowledge, you can upgrade your bed linen and sleep soundly in high thread count sheets every night.

Read on for our complete guide to 1000 thread count sateen sheets.


Why does thread count matter?


Most people know that a higher thread count usually denotes a higher quality product. But do you know why thread count matters and what makes it such an important factor when it comes to choosing bedding?

Thread count is the term used to denote how many vertical and horizonal threads are woven into each square inch of fabric. So, 200 thread count sheets will have 200 yarn threads per square inch of fabric, while 1000 thread count sheets will have 1000 yarn threads per square inch. Generally, a higher thread count translates to softer, smoother and more luxurious sheets.


Warp and weft


Beyond thread count, it’s worth familiarising yourself with warp and weft. These terms refer to weave orientation, with warp threads running vertically and weft threads running horizontally along the fabric. The combination of warp and weft threads per square inch is used to calculate the total thread count.

For example, sheets with 300 warp threads and 300 weft threads per square inch will have a total thread count of 600. Similarly, 1000 thread count sheets willhave 500 warp threads and 500 weft threads per square inch.


Be wary of ply


While some retailers are committed to manufacturing premium quality sheets, others rely on creative maths to achieve a high thread count. This is where ply comes in. To achieve a high thread count without technically breaking any consumer protection laws, some manufacturers twist together multiple thin strands of fibre to create a single thread. They then count each thin strand as a thread, allowing them to inflate the thread count and market their product as higher quality.

For example, while a reputable manufacturer would class a thread made up of four thin strands of fibre as one individual thread, a company looking to inflate its thread count would count it as four threads. This is a sly way to quadruple the thread count without actually offering a high-quality product. For the uneducated consumer, the result is a high price tag without the promised quality.


What does “sateen” mean?Sateen-sheet


Sateen is a term used to describe the type of weave used during the manufacturing process. As the name suggests, the finished product is luxuriously soft, with a silky sheen reminiscent of satin.

To create sateen sheets, manufacturers use a unique four over, one under weave. This special weave pattern creates a heavier feel without compromising on softness, which makes slipping underneath sateen sheets a luxurious experience.


Can sateen sheets be made from Egyptian cotton?


Love the sound of sateen sheets but can’t bear the thought of not sleeping in Egyptian cotton? Enjoy the best of both worlds with premium Egyptian cotton sateen sheets. When the four over, one under weave technique is used alongside high-grade Egyptian cotton yarn, the result is outstanding.

While sateen sheets can be made from Egyptian cotton, you’ll notice a big difference in the look and feel of the sheets. While traditional Egyptian cotton sheets have a wonderfully crisp yet soft feel with a matte finish, sateen is silkier and more fluid, with a subtle sheen and a beautiful drape.

One thing to look out for is the use of long staple fibres. This term describes the length of the cotton fibres used during the weaving process and can make a big difference to the quality of the final product. The best long staple fibres are sourced from Gossypium barbadense, a cotton that traditionally grows on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. The long, silky fibres create a soft and durable yarn that’s perfect for weaving into 1000 thread count sateen sheets.


What are the benefits of 1000 thread count sateen sheets?


Still not convinced you need 1000 thread count sheets in your life? Here’s a few more reasons why you’ll love this premium quality bed linen:


Heavier and more luxurious sheets


The unique four over, one under weave technique used to create sateen sheets results in a heavier and more opulent fabric. If you love the weight of Egyptian cotton linen but crave a smooth and silky feel, sateen sheets will tick all your boxes.

Wrinkle resistant


If you’re looking to recreate the polished look of hotel linen, 1000 thread count sateen sheets are a must. As well as feeling incredible on your skin, they’re wrinkle resistant, which keeps them looking freshly laundered for longer. The heavier weight also creates a beautiful drape over your mattress, adding to the hotel-inspired aesthetic.


Gentle on sensitive skin


The silky-smooth feel of 1000 thread count sateen sheets makes them ideal for people with sensitive skin. If you find regular sheets a little prickly or irritating, a sateen weave will transform the way you sleep.


Impressive durability


High quality 1000 thread count sateen sheets not only look and feel luxurious but offer impressive durability. Longevity is especially important for products like bedsheets that are used every night and washed regularly. While 1000 thread count sheets may cost a little more than generic sheets from IKEA, they’re far more durable and offer better value for money in the long term.

Pro tip: While sateen sheets are durable and long wearing, the unique weave used to create the material exposes more threads on the surface. This means there is an increased risk of pulling and snagging sateen sheets. To keep your sheets looking their best, we recommend removing jewellery before sleeping and avoiding washing the sheets with clothing that features zips or other items that could snag.


Warm and cosy


If you love to snuggle up and get cosy when you sleep, you’ll love the warmth-retaining properties of sateen sheets. The silky material drapes over your body and leaves very few air pockets, making sateen sheets great for cold sleepers. Pair with a premium fill down duvet for the ultimate winter bedroom setup.

While sateen sheets do retain heat more efficiently than traditional cotton weaves, they’re also fantastic in the summer and offer excellent breathability. Hot sleepers will love the freedom to snooze under sateen sheets, while those who run a little colder can add extra warmth with a lightweight summer duvet.

Pro tip: Always look for 100% cotton sateen sheets and avoid polyester or synthetic counterparts. Opting for sateen sheets made from a natural fibre ensures your bed linen is breathable and comfortable, no matter what the temperature.


Where can I buy 1000 thread count sateen sheets?


As we’ve just explored, not all 1000 thread count sateen sheets are created equal. To secure the best quality and to avoid getting duped by creative maths and inflated thread counts, it’s important to shop with a reputable supplier. This will ensure you’re investing in genuine 1000 thread count sateen sheets.

At Victoria Linen, we manufacture the highest quality 1000 thread count sheets so you can shop (and sleep) with total peace of mind. All our high thread count sheets are made in the UK at our Lancashire factory, meaning you’re not only choosing the highest quality sheets but supporting a homegrown British business.

Our sateen sheets feature the classic four over, one under weave and are made with the finest single ply yarns. You won’t find any creative maths or inflated thread counts here. Only the finest quality, beautifully soft sateen sheets.


Shop 1000 thread count sateen sheets today


Ready to elevate your bedroom experience? Shop our full range of 1000 thread count sheets online or get in touch with the team to discuss custom options. Our premium-quality fabric is on the roll at our inhouse factory, allowing us to manufacture sheets for small doubles, emperors and other non-standard bed sizes. Whatever you need, we can have you sleeping soundly wrapped in luxurious 1000 Thread Count Bed Linen.


Drop us an email or call on 01706 220020. 

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