Bespoke Curtains

A guide to bespoke curtains

While off-the-shelf curtains are an instant solution, they don't always fit to every window. Older and more modern house designs have windows that do not always fit into the standard sizes on offer in most homes design shops. Plus when you are looking for perfect curtains nothing compares to the quality and luxury of bespoke curtains.

Customised to fit the unique dimensions of your windows, our made to measure curtains are designed exclusively for your space. From bedrooms and studies to living areas and kitchens, there really is no better way to create a polished and well-appointed aesthetic in your home.

So, what are bespoke curtains and why are they worth the investment? Read on as we take a look at what sets bespoke curtains apart from off-the-shelf window drapes and why you should consider installing them in your space. 

What are bespoke curtains? 

As the name suggests, bespoke curtains are custom-made to fit the unique dimensions of your windows. This means no awkward lengths, no mismatched curtain poles and definitely no botch jobs when it comes to installation. Instead, you’ll enjoy curtains that are specially made to complement the width, height and style of your windows.

Why invest in made to measure curtains?

Curtains can completely change the feel and dynamic of a room, meaning it’s always worth investing in quality pairs. Still not sure whether bespoke curtains are worth the cost? Consider the difference between a cheap off-the-shelf blazer against a tailor-made suit, cut and designed to complement your personal measurements. There’s no doubt about it, the tailor-made suit will run circles around its off-the-shelf counterpart when it comes to aesthetics, quality and value for money.

Here’s a few other reasons why it’s worth scoping out bespoke curtains near you:

Creative control

When you commission bespoke curtains, you have complete creative control over the design process. There’s no need to settle for a shade that doesn’t quite match your wall paint or a length that’s a few millimetres too long for your window.

For example when you visit our curtain shop in Lancashire you can select from a huge range of fabrics to match your decor, then create beautiful custom window drapes that are unique to your space. They are made in house to the perfect width and curtain drop and finished with a curtain heading of your choice. We offer a full range of headings from elaborate Goblet pleats to simple pencil pleat.

Create the illusion of added ceiling height

Using curtains to create the illusion of added ceiling height is a trick universally loved by interior designers. However, it only works when your curtains perfectly fit the dimensions of your window.

Complete flexibility

From Victorian townhouses to modern apartments, window dimensions can vary enormously. This makes it incredibly difficult for manufacturers to create one-size-fits-all window coverings. Made to measure curtains overcome this issue by offering you complete flexibility when it comes to length, width, fabric and other variables. 

Interior design, your way

When you invest in bespoke curtains, it’s easy to create a seamless aesthetic in your space with matching cushions, bedspreads, throws and other accessories.

There’s no need to scour homewares stores and websites for matching décor when you can simply use the same luxe fabric to create custom furnishings that tie your room together. And, with so many beautiful fabrics to choose from, chances are you’ll want to incorporate your Sanderson florals or Morris & Co motifs into more than just your curtains.

Designing your bespoke curtains

Bespoke curtains are a luxury product which means there’s some groundwork to be done to ensure the perfect finish. Our full curtain dressing service includes a custom measurement and fitting appointment at our dedicated curtain showroom. Here one of our friendly staff members can help you pick out your ideal fabric, heading style and the best lining to suit.

Attention to detail is paramount, which is why we’ll also help you match your made to measure curtains with tracks and poles. All of our hardware is sourced from top British suppliers like Evans and Swish to ensure our window treatments are second to none.

The Victoria Linen experience

Bespoke curtains are all about creating window treatments that fit your unique needs. Every client is different, which is why we always take the time to understand your personal needs and preferences before we get started. When you visit the Victoria Linen showroom, you’ll be able to browse 100s of different fabrics, find matching cushions and bedspreads, and even enjoy a complimentary tea and coffee on us. Plus, our expert sales assistants and designers will be on hand to offer advice and answer any queries..

Ready to track down the best bespoke curtains near you? Whether you’re looking for classic designs from icons like Morris & Co or you’re chasing a more contemporary aesthetic pioneered by brands like Zoffany, we’ll help you create the perfect bespoke curtains for your space. Contact us today to discuss your needs or visit us in store.

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