Bedding for Any Size of Bed

Bespoke Bed Linen for Longer and Larger Beds

We supply bespoke bed linens for almost any type of bed: extra deep and long to adjustable beds. We have over 15 years of experience in making bespoke bed linens for every shape and size of bed giving us a wealth of experience to meet your needs.

We have linens available in our inbetween outsized and adjustable bed section that cater from small sizes such as 2'6" x 6'6" up to superking size and as large as 7' x 7'. Larger sizes are also available on request in most of our linens including mattress protectors and duvet covers.

Large duvets and pillows are also available via mail order with duvets made up to 10 feet square in several fillings. Pillow can be manufactured up to six feet bolster pillows and larger if need be. Please use the contact us link above to discuss your options.

We can quicky quote you prices and manufacture lead times.

Adjustable beds
Modern electric beds are extremely comfortable, durable and attractive. As you may know many can be used to provide temporary relief from painful conditions. The bedding required for adjustable beds (even hospital style manual beds) needs to be secured around the mattress so it can't slip off when the bed is raised. As a manufacturer our linens can be made with all round elastication, staying in place when the bed is moved and stopping the linens from falling away or wrinkling. 

Mattresses for these beds can also be extra deep, meaning that standard bedlinens may not be deep enough to accomodate them. Victoria Linen can also manufacture deep pocketed sheets to fit from 7 inches up to 12 and beyond if needed. This can be useful if the bed also has a mattress topper as the sheet can cover both.

Some manufacturers of adjustable beds produce split beds where a double or kingsize bed will be split into twin beds( for example a 5' queensize would be 2 2'6" beds held together). We can manufacture bed linens for each mattress so the users are able to move each side of the adjustable bed individually without causing strain and tears in the sheet.

Valances and bed skirts can also be made for these beds that can either be attached via velcro around the divan, or underneath the mattress holding on to the adjustable board underneath, meaning they won't come away when the bed is moved. To find out more details about adjustable bed linens please use the contact us link at the top of the page.

We have manufactured for the following beds:

Adjustamatic Beds, HSL, Craftmatic Beds, Oaktree Beds, Rotoflex Beds, Willowbrook Beds, Ultrassage Beds
Bodyease Beds, Churchill, Concern for Comfort, The Big Bed Company
Dreams, Millbrook, Sleepezee and Summerville and James

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