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Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things

Great gift ideas from Morris & Co

Gifts inspired by the great textile pioneer William Morris, we are proud to present the Golden Lily range of designer accessories to make your bedroom that little more boutique

Each product is presented in unique Morris & Co. inspired prints. 

Guest soaps, eyemasks, beautifully scented drawer liners and more.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" - William Morris, 1880

Each product is neatly presented in William Morris inspired prints of flowers and country blooms.

Take a look below, if you are looking for something in particular please call us on 01706 220020 or email us.  

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Golden Lily - Diffuser - Morris & Co.

Morris & Co - Golden Lily DiffuserFill your home with beautiful scents. Decorated in the iconic ..

35.89$ Ex Tax: 29.91$

Golden Lily - Drawer Liners - Morris & Co.

Golden Lily Drawer Liners by Morris & CoSet of 5 scented drawer linersInspired by the designs an..

13.30$ Ex Tax: 11.08$

Golden Lily - Eye Mask - Morris & Co.

Morris & Co - Lavender Eye MaskLuxuriously comfortable mask in iconic golden lily designInspired..

21.27$ Ex Tax: 17.73$

Golden Lily - Guest Soaps - Morris & Co.

Morris & Co - Golden Lily Guest Soaps4 x 50g Vegetable based luxury soapsInspired by the designs..

17.28$ Ex Tax: 14.40$