New Emperor Headboards Now Available!

Latest additions to Victoria Linen Company ever-growing lines are luxurious Emperor Headboards. These incredible Emperor Headboards are offered in two styles Ambassador Deluxe or Empress and are designed to add sophisticated fashion and style to your bedroom. The beautiful bespoke Ambassador Deluxe Emperor Headboard is a traditional deep buttoned design available in a bounty of […]

Nursery Curtains at Victoria Linen

Baby Curtains

At Victoria Linen Company, we are excited to introduce our newest range of delightful curtains for baby nurseries and children’s rooms perfectly planned to complement our full line of children’s bedding or your own creative children’s or nursery design. Each pair of curtains is made from highest quality 100 percent cotton that is fully lined […]

Introducing Kimono Designer Bedding by Dorma

Dorma Designer Bedding, a British Tradition, delivers premium quality and high style bed linens for your home. Dorma Bedding has set itself apart since 1921 with incredible attention to detail, stylish design and unparalleled quality complete with complementary accessories and home décor. Dorma continues to set their bar above the competition promising top-of-the-line bedding consistently […]

Silk Filled Duvets at Victoria Linen

Finally, just what you have been waiting for – Silk Filled Duvets are now awaiting you at Victoria Linen. Ah, silk, the ultimate luxurious, purely natural fabric – beautiful to look at, softly sumptuous and ready to adorn your bedroom retreat. Simply stated – silk has no equal. Silk Filled Duvets are unique, delightfully lightweight […]

New Kylie Minogue Bedding for 2015 – Liza Bed Linen

Back in 1987, the world got its first glimpse of Kylie Minogue and she quickly captured hearts with her glamour and captivating personality. Since that time, as you know, Kylie has become an influential force, not only the music industry, but in the worlds of fashion and design, as well as the cinema. She is […]

The Worlds Most Expensive Beds.

You probably don’t give much thought to your bed. Except for the time when you selected and purchased it and those times when you choose new bedding; it’s likely that you rarely give it a thought other than when you crawl in after a long and tiring day for some much needed rest. Maybe you […]