Silk Filled Duvets at Victoria Linen

Finally, just what you have been waiting for – Silk Filled Duvets are now awaiting you at Victoria Linen. Ah, silk, the ultimate luxurious, purely natural fabric – beautiful to look at, softly sumptuous and ready to adorn your bedroom retreat. Simply stated – silk has no equal.

Silk Filled Duvets

Silk Filled Duvets

Silk Filled Duvets are unique, delightfully lightweight and perfectly cozy; Silk Filled Duvets naturally regulate body temperature and control moisture giving you the most comfortable, restful night’s sleep ever! Victoria Linen’s Silk Filled Duvets feature the best silk fibres contained in 100 percent cambric covers.
Silk is full of helpful and healthful benefits on top of its innate beauty and softness. Silk is 100 percent all natural and 100 percent hypoallergenic. It contains a natural protein, Serecin, which is resistant to molds and mildew and repels dust mites making it a welcoming sleep environment for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Silk is also the perfect all weather fabric promising temperature regulating properties and moisture controlling properties. Silk keeps you cool in warm temperatures and warm in cool temperatures naturally. Silk can absorb up to one-third of its own weight in moisture, keeping your skin breathing and allowing the skin to rehydrate, moisturize and heal making it the perfect fabric for those with skin conditions.

The Silk Filled Duvets are available now at Victoria Linen with two types of filling options. First is the 100 percent Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet full of Mulberry silk fibres that deliver extraordinary softness and lightweight comfort all contained in a 100 percent cotton cambric shell. Offering the ideal warmth in all seasons, this silk-filled duvet is rated at 9 to 12.5 Tog. It is 100 percent natural and is easily machine washable.
Next is the Silk Embrace Duvet which promises all the benefits of 100 percent Mulberry silk combined with plump 3D siliconized polyester for a plumper duvet. Also machine washable, the Silk Embrace Mix offers all the exceptional benefits of silk in a thick, full duvet.

One final word, many believe silk to be a delicate fabric, while in fact it is quite durable – repelling bacteria and dust mites and resisting odors and stains. Victoria Linen’s Silk Filled Duvets are machine washable, resist wrinkles and tears and promise long lasting comfort. In addition to the latest offering of Silk Filled Duvets, Victoria Linen now carries a full range of silk bedding from which to choose. Call on us today online or in store and find your perfect silk duvet and complementary silk bedding!

Made to Measure Curtains at Victoria Linen Co.

Order Made to Measure Curtains online

Beautiful Made to Measure Curtains

At Victoria Linen Company, we take great pride in the design and creation of a host of home furnishings in the bedroom, from the simple fitted sheet to elaborate Four Poster Drapes and Quilted Bedspreads. Now, along with our bespoke bedding, we are pleased offer a made to measure curtain service ONLINE! As with our complete line of bespoke bedding and accessories, you can expect premium fabric and curtain lining choices, cut from the roll and made to measure by our expert seamstresses, promising a one of a kind custom home coutured for you.
Whether you adore large scale romantic florals, modern chevrons and vibrant checks, classic stripes and solids, or a bold eclectic blend, hundreds of colours and fabrics are available for your selection. You’ll find delightfully bright multi-colour fabrics plus all the designer colours including, but not limited to, traditional neutrals, vivid reds, rich purples, soothing greens and blues, and glowing yellows and golds. Fabric choices abound with cotton satin, jacquard, chenille, taffeta, damask and more, woven exquisitely and perfectly designed, all promising to complete your look, draping beautifully and promising easy care whether machine washable or dry cleanable.
At Victoria Linen, we make online ordering easy. If you find you can’t decide on the perfect fabric or colour, we will happily assist you, sending you samples at your request. If you are unsure how to measure, we offer an online guide and will walk you through the process so that your made to measure curtains arrive ideally suited to complement your room(s). With your fabric and colour selected and your pole width measured, you now simply choose your curtain heading – classic pencil pleat, decorative goblet, elegant triple pinch pleat, modern eyelet or timeless tab top. Lastly, you select your choice of lining; add tie backs and our expert seamstresses will do the rest!
Whether your style is boutique chic, gorgeous glamour, elegant sophistication, warm contemporary, cool modern or a diverse and unique blend of eclectic style, Victoria Linen has the perfect fabric, designs and colours to create your ideal made to measure curtains. Stop by today, online or in our new curtain showroom, browse by fabric, color, or collection and find exactly what you have been looking for to add the finishing touches to the windows of your home. Our friendly staff is ready to offer their expertise, answering all your questions, and guiding you to your perfect and distinctive made to measure curtains.

New Kylie Minogue Bedding for 2015 – Liza Bed Linen

Back in 1987, the world got its first glimpse of Kylie Minogue and she quickly captured hearts with her glamour and captivating personality. Since that time, as you know, Kylie has become an influential force, not only the music industry, but in the worlds of fashion and design, as well as the cinema. She is a successful entrepreneur and a generous philanthropist who is still winning hearts wherever she goes!
Victoria Linen know and love Kylie as the creative designer of the Kylie Minogue At Home Collection – an opulent collection of elegant and sophisticated bedding fashioned from premium fabrics and featuring bold lavish designs. The Kylie Minogue At Home Collection’s latest release is the beauteous Liza. The Liza bedding is offered as a complete set or as separates so that you can create your own unique look in your bedroom retreat.

Liza by Kylie Bedding

Kylie Minogue Bedding – Liza Design

Liza is certainly inspired by Kylie’s own chic charm as it expresses the undeniable opulence in bedroom couture. Designed of soft luxurious satin in splendid praline hues, Liza bedding is embellished with delightfully shimmering sequin trims. The sumptuous Kylie Minogue Liza collection is offered in your choice of sizes – single, double, king and super king. Each set features a lush Duvet with two Housewife Pillow Cases (one with the single size), two Square Pillow Cases (again one with the single), one Crystal Oyster Cushion (shimmering satin with a glittering band), one Catarina Oyster Cushion (luxurious velvet embellished with timeless pearls and diamonds), and one Hotel Oyster Cushion (sensual velvet with diamante panels on each side). For a bit more of the glitz and glamour in your boudoir, add the twinkling square diamond silver cushion along with the sparkling and soft Orla throw to complete your haute couture bedroom.
Victoria Linen is pleased to introduce the Liza, part of the spring 2015 releases in the Kylie Minogue At Home Bedding collection. As expected, the Liza bedding presents Kylie’s own personal sophisticated and glamourous style and delivers it directly to your personal luxury bedroom retreat. Stop in today online or in store and see the latest in extravagant comfort from Kylie Minogue At Home Bedding. Right now, you’ll find all of Kylie’s designer bedding offered at a 10 percent discount plus a bonus – a FREE Victoria Linen fitted sheet with the purchase of a complete set. The friendly and expert staff awaits your visit and is ready to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

The Worlds Most Expensive Beds.

You probably don’t give much thought to your bed. Except for the time when you selected and purchased it and those times when you choose new bedding; it’s likely that you rarely give it a thought other than when you crawl in after a long and tiring day for some much needed rest. Maybe you own a modern platform bed, or a classic four poster or brass bed, or maybe even a unique round bed; but the odds are, no matter what type of bed you sleep on each night, that you didn’t pay a huge amount of money for it. But, what if you had the opportunity to purchase an extravagant bed, one with every imaginable offering, how much would you spend (we are imagining, so money and budget are not an issue)? Would you spend £50,000 or would you go even higher, maybe even as high as £3.3 million?
Now these may sound like random figures, or you may be altogether shocked that there are beds that cost that much. The truth is – these are not random figures, but, in fact, the price range of the most elegant beds in the world. Let’s explore a few of these luxurious and lavish beds.

Starry Night Bed
We’ll begin ‘modestly’ in the elegant and extravagant beds with the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed by Leggett and Platt, priced at only $50, 000. This innovative bed is a smooth blend of technology and comfort that can monitor body movements and rhythmic breathing, help alleviate snoring, regulate its own temperature, and increase firmness to support sleepers by weight applied. If that isn’t’ enough, the bed features surround sound with headboard projector, internet connectivity, an iPod docking station and can store up to 400,000 songs. Want one?

Sunset Bed

The Sunset Bed

Next is the luxuriant Parnian Furniture Sunset Bed, artfully designed by Abdolhay Parnian and hand carved by artisans from wood, stainless steel and gold. This beautiful bed is offered with your choice of features including an iPad holder, charging stations for all your electronics, a pop-up swivel television, computer monitor case and numerous hidden compartments. Each one is uniquely custom designed, takes up to two years to complete and is priced at $210,000. Definite wow-factor!
Magnetic Bed

Magnetic Bed

Finally, let’s end our extravagant bed tour with the second most expensive elaborate bed in the world – the Magnetic Floating Bed – priced at £600,000. And yes, the bed floats on air 16 inches above the ground atop two opposing industrial strength magnets. It is held in place by four thin wires. It is described as wonderfully comfortable and perfectly safe for sleepers. It’s even safe for your electronic devices and credit cards, provided they aren’t under the bed!
Have you chosen your favorite yet? Whichever you select, know that we, at Victoria Linen Company, are ready to design and create your opulent custom bed linens for your new extravagant bed!

Victoria Linen launch 1000 Thread Count Range

At Victoria Linen Company we pride ourselves on the design and creation of bespoke bedding made with the highest quality of fabrics, cut from the roll by our team of expert seamstresses and made to measure, giving you the ideal fit for your custom size bed.

Victoria Linen is now proud to offer a new range of custom fitted bed sheets in lavish and luxuriously soft 1,000 thread count 100 percent egyptian cotton sateen fabric. That means you can get fabulous bespoke fitted sheets created just for your distinct custom bed (any shape, any size) in sumptuous and strong, perfectly custom fitted 1,000 thread count cotton.

Let’s begin with a short primer (in case you have forgotten or maybe never even knew) on thread counts and such. Thread counts quite simply indicate the number of threads, vertical and horizontal, woven together in a single square inch of fabric. The thread count, then, tells you what to expect in the way of softness, comfort, luxury, durability, and long-last from your sheets. Consider if you will a 150 thread count muslin, perfectly decent fabric, but not something you’d want to sleep on and compare that to an average sheet of, say, 500 thread count a very commonly found sheeting. Now contemplate that, as thread counts rise, so does the softness, durability and luxury feel of the fabric. Finally consider Victoria Linen’s 1,000 thread count sheets made of finest quality 100 percent cotton woven to perfection and made to measure for your custom size bed. Can’t you very nearly feel the opulent sateen finish and the lavish silky smooth soft-to-the touch sheets on your bed awaiting and welcoming your arrival after a long and busy day about town?

You might be thinking at this point, that Victoria Linen can’t possible offer bespoke bedding for your undersized, oversized, round, bunk, adjustable, Caesar or something in between bed. But the truth is we do! That’s right, no matter the size or shape of your custom bed; Victoria Linen will deliver 1,000 thread count, luxury hotel quality sheets for your bed – made to measure and perfectly fitted to your bed’s measurements. From the small single at 2’6 x 6′ (75cm x 180cm) to the small double (4′ x 6’3″ (120cm x 190cm)) all the way up to super king (6′ x 6’6″, 180cm x 200cm) emperor beds and beyond. Our bespoke bedding specialists are ready to prepare your custom fitted sheets for your custom bed.

Call or visit online or in-store today, our experts have over 15 years of experience in creating bespoke bed linens in all shapes and sizes and stand ready to answer your questions, help you with measurements, and create the perfectly luxurious 1,000 thread count bedding for your bedroom retreat!

Dorma Bedding at the Best Prices!

Dorma Bedding has been a cherished British tradition for nearly a century; so it is not surprising that it is as popular as ever today. Opulent and luxurious, with exquisite attention to details, exceptional design and unmatched quality, Dorma Bedding sets a standard that few can exceed, always delivering the best for you and your bedroom retreat. Dorma is a delightful blending of timelessness and innovation which incorporates only premium linens including Egyptian cottons, sateen, damask, satin, jacquard, percale, and of course, the finest Hungarian goose down. Dorma Bedding is always fashioned in a 200 thread count minimum promising soft, sumptuous comfort.
Right now, at Victoria Linen, during the Winter Sale, fans of Dorma Bedding will find it priced with exceptional discounts of 20 percent off suggested retail prices. On top of that, Victoria Linen is offering a FREE fitted sheet and FREE delivery with the purchase of any Dorma Bedding Set. Dorma Bedding offers a charming and wonderful range of bedding that includes the latest designs – the Pembroke, Clarence and Stansford as well as the ever popular Woodville, Cameo Bouquet, Beauford and Mirabelle.

Pembroke Bedding by Dorma

Pembroke Bedding by Dorma

The Pembroke Bedding Set promises timeless romance with sensual rose bouquets in deep rich tones crafted of soft and soothing 300 thread count percale. Clarence delivers the refined feel of a country home with timeless stripes and pink posies, designed in silky smooth 300 thread count 100 percent cotton sateen. Stanford engages with an intriguing oriental floral paired with botanical patchwork and features a combination of opulent velvet and 300 thread count 100 percent cotton sateen for nights of tranquil sleep.
The Woodville Bedding Set is offered in French toile vintage styling reminiscent of the countryside with detailed quilting and piping in 300 thread count sateen while the Cameo features traditional bouquets on a modern silk screen stripe with piping created in cotton-rich jacquard. Beauford offers a touch of graceful heritage in blue rococo florals with subtly woven contemporary shimmering silver threads and last but not least, Mirabelle prettily blends classical and modern with bold fuchsia roses on a soft duck egg background in 100 percent cotton 300 thread count sateen.
Here at Victoria Linen, the choice is yours from among the beauty and luxury of Dorma Bedding. Each set is available in single, double, king, and super king sizes and right now during our winter sale, you can choose your favorite set with 20 percent off retail pricing plus a bonus – a FREE 200 thread count fitted sheet and FREE delivery!
Visit online or in store today and make your selection from highest quality Dorma Bedding.

Happy New Year! Let’s Kick Things Off With a SALE!

Since we all know that shopping never takes a holiday – the Victoria Linen Company Winter Sale begins this year on Christmas Day! We hope that you’ll enjoy the holiday with your family and friends and then head on over or stop by online after the festivities are complete to shop for all your favorites in Custom Bespoke Bedding and Designer Bedding for your home. There is nothing like high quality beautiful bed linens – perfectly suited for your home all year long.

15% Custom Bedding

15% Off Custom Bedding

At this year’s Winter Sale, you’ll find all (yes all!) custom bedding on sale including sheets (fitted and flat), duvets and duvet sets, throws, bed runners, mattress protectors, pillows, pillowcases, mattress toppers, and bed valances. In case you’re thinking that Victoria Linen won’t have your size – consider this vast list of Victoria Linen’s offerings in custom bedding that includes Emperor Bedding, Caesar Bedding, Adjustable Bed Linens, Waterbed Linens, Round Bedding and even Small Double Bedding. During the winter sale all custom bedding is 15 percent off – flawlessly fitted for your custom bed and perfectly designed of the highest quality fabrics available to adorn your bedroom retreat.

Designer Bedding is also included in the Victoria Linen Winter Sale with our discount code WINTER10. That’s right, all your favorites including:

10% Off designer bedding with code

10% Off Bedding with code WINTER10

• Home couture of Kylie Minogue At Home Bedding
• Vintage, yet modern styling of Kirstie Allsopp Home Living
• Innovative and traditional country home designs from Cath Kidston
• Luxurious timeless quality of Dorma Bedding
• Opulence of Sheridan Bedding Sets
• Wonderfully whimsical world of Roald Dahl
• Outdoors In designs by Anorak
• Exceptional Diversity from Belledorm
• Distinctively crafted Jigsaw in exquisite fabrics
• Colorfully imaginative Accessorize Bedding
• And the eclectic contemporary patterns of Janet Reger.

The immense collection of designer bedding at Victoria Linen is 10 percent off when you use the code WINTER10 for your purchase. Each designer line features unique designs and high end fabrics created in styles to suit your ideal bedroom retreat – whether you select lavish couture for your personal bedroom hideaway, modern or vintage for guest’s quarters, wit and whimsy for children’s abodes, or imaginative and diverse designs to please even the pickiest teenager.

So after all the Christmas celebrating is over; call, stop in or visit us online or in store for the Victoria Linen Winter Sale and find the perfect present for yourself and your home – you know – the one you didn’t get for Christmas! Our friendly and expert awaits your visit and promises to help you find exactly what you need – on sale now!

New Designer Duvet Sets from Victoria Linen UK

At Victoria Linen Company, we design and create premium bespoke bed linens. Each of our unique, high quality designs are cut from the roll by our expert seamstresses and delivers the best quality fabrics with beautiful colours and patterns, unmatched comfort and always a perfect fit. Today, we would like to introduce you to the two latest made to measure creations available at Victoria Linen.

Summer Chic Duvet Set

Summer Chic Duvet Set

The Summer Chic duvet set is designed in a lovely satin fabric featuring the charming sorbet stripe print with lime and fuchsia. The luxurious satin is finished with a smooth soft 200 thread count poly cotton for the ultimate in comfort. Summer Chic is offered in standard sizes single, double, king and super king as well as custom sizes made to measure including (but not limited to) long or large single and small double all the way up to emperor. Each set comes with matching standard oxford pillowcases – one with the single set and two with the larger offerings.
In addition to the Summer Chic duvet set, Victoria Linen offers a large selection of coordinating accompaniments which includes the soft and cozy Summer Cashmere Blanket designed in superfine lambswool and cashmere. Also available are the Zita Piped Cushions in lime and fuchsia, poly cotton bed sheets in 12 designer colours and of course, made to measure curtains in complementary fashion colours.

Infinity Duvet Set in Damson

Infnity Duvet Set – Damson

The delightful Infinity Damson Duvet Set comes to you designed in lavish satin featuring deep rich purple and silver gray stripes. The beautiful satin is backed by soft, sumptuous 200 thread count poly cotton for maximum comfort. Infinity Damson is available in standard sizes single, double, king and super king and in bespoke made to measure sizing that includes long or large single, small double and emperor. Each duvet set includes matching pillow cases – one for the single sizes and two for the larger sets. Also available are the coordinating cushions – Chic Damson and Asina Scarlet Piped.
As with all custom made designs at Victoria Linen, each piece is made to measure for you bedroom retreat. You’ll find a full line of bed linens including sheets, pillowcases, blankets and throws, custom curtains, bed valances, mattress toppers and protectors and so much more.
Call of stop in to shop today – online or in-store, our helpful expert staff is always ready to answer all your questions and assist you in finding exactly what your bedroom needs. Fabric and colour samples, brochures and professional advice are always available at Victoria Linen Company to help you create the ideal bedroom for your home.

Fabulous Kids Bedding in Vancouver & Hounds Designs

As our avid blog readers, you have already discovered that Victoria Linen Company is a great place to shop for Christmas; alongside the cozy blankets, the soft flannelette bedding and the stylish hot water bottles, we’d like to show you another fabulous gift giving idea for the upcoming holidays. What is it you ask? The perfect Christmas gift for children or teens on your holiday list is bright new bedding designs.

Hounds Bedding

Hounds Bedding

First up is the Hounds Duvet Set complete with matching pillow cases. Designed in 100 percent cotton, the Hounds set offers a delightfully timeless, yet modern look that features pups and pooches of all shapes and sizes, certain to please the dog lover at your house! Offering sizing options in single, double, and king and featuring blues, blacks and tans on a white background, Hounds is the perfect addition to any kid’s room this holiday season. Add white, cream or duck egg flat and fitted sheets, a warm and cozy throw or blanket along with a bed valance for a wonderful room makeover and a great Christmas surprise!

Teenage Bedding

Teenage Bedding – Vancouver

Next to be introduced is the vivid Vancouver Bedding Set with matching pillow cases. Also created from 100 percent cotton, the Vancouver set offers a fun print with bear, moose and maple leaf design. Colours featured include deep red, navy, and forest green and size offerings include single, double and king. On the reverse is a lovely coordinating tartan plaid making it reversible, which is particularly pleasing to the ever-changing minds of teens. Perfectly paired with available sheets, bed valances and a soft and cuddly blanket or throw and the Christmas room makeover is complete!

Kids and teens alike will adore the latest designs in children’s bedding, the Hounds Duvet Set and the Vancouver Bedding Set and parents will appreciate the high quality that is the hallmark of Victoria Linen Company. Remember, in addition to Hounds and Vancouver, Victoria Linen offers many high quality, kid-friendly designs including the whimsical Roald Dahl Bedding Sets and the outdoorsy Anorak Sets. Christmas is nearly upon us and we have a wonderful selection of unique gift-giving ideas at Victoria Linen. Call, stop in or visit us online today and let our friendly expert staff help you find the ideal gift for kids and teens and everyone on your list this year!

Get 3 for 2 On All Our Bedding Range this November

three for two bedding offer!

3 for 2 on all custom and designer bedding

Just in time for Christmas gifting or to simply refresh your home for the holiday comes the Victoria Linen November Special Offer – The Three for Two Special! That’s right for a limited time you can choose your three favorites at Victoria Linen, and get three for the price of two! Yes, the least expensive item is yours for free! The best part of this offer, you don’t have to buy three of the same item – you can mix and match across all of our standard and custom bedding including, but not limited to – fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers, bed valances, mattress protectors and more, even the wonderful Victoria Linen Bedding Sets are included along with bedspreads, runners and cushions!

Now is the time to shop as you imagine the possibilities. Have you been dreaming of a complete makeover for your master bedroom? This is the perfect time to choose your favorite set with all the accessories to create your dreamy new bedroom retreat. Choose from bespoke designs for emperor or round beds or from among our vast selection of designer bedding including Kylie Minogue, Kirstie Allsopp, Dorma, Cath Kidson, Sheridan and more!

Been wanting to redecorate the children’s rooms but just haven’t had the time or the money? The November Three for Two Special is the ideal time for a makeover for the holidays.

Maybe it’s just time for fresh new sheets for all the bedding in the household. What better time than now to get new sheets for everyone? At Victoria Linen we offer a full-line of standard and custom bedding for Emperor Beds, Round Beds, Adjustable Beds, 4ft beds and even Caesar beds. The timing couldn’t be better, you can choose a fitted, flat and pillow cases, and with the three for two special, get the least expensive for free!

Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Bedding

Charlie Chocolate Factory Bedding

Plus don’t forget our fantastic Childrens bedding, even though we sadly cant be included in our 3 for 2 offer they still are great value gifts for children this Xmas. Choose the whimsical world of Roald Dahl Bedding or the down-to-earth Anorak Bedding. Even the designer lines would be a fitting choice for teens needing a change from their kiddie bedroom to something a bit more grown-up and in keeping with their style.

Call, visit or shop online or in store today and take advantage of the Victoria Linen Company November Special – Three for the price of Two – you’ll be glad you did!